Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Begging Freebie Culture

I've noticed it...

You folks int he Dr Who community have probably noticed it more and more over the past year or so.  The Dr Who Community has been inundated with the begging freebie culture.

I've been in Star Trek groups, Battlestar Galactica Groups, Star Wars groups, and so far the worst of the sci-fi groups to have this begging culture is the Dr Who community.  I'm getting 5 or 6 messages like this a day now...

[09:46] doc12345: hi
[09:46] Victor1st Mornington: ello
[09:47] doc12345: you hawe some money
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: yup
[09:48] doc12345: how much
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: why you asking?
[09:49] doc12345: i wana know '
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: why?
[09:50] doc12345: send me a tp
[09:50] doc12345: can i borow 100L
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: no

It's blatantly obvious these folks are kids, probably around 10 to 14 years old.  With the growth of the Dr Who community comes the now massive problem of at LEAST 25% of them being kids, under the age of 15 thinking that they can have a free ride in the Dr Who groups.

The last two months (strangley enough while i was on my break) there was a sudden upsurge of these begging kiddies all over the place, in the groups, in folks IM's.  Word probably got out that "Mornington aint here, lets beg!"

Guess what beggars...

I'm back...I catch you begging, asking for consoles, sending messages to folks in the Katrina sim asking for money, consoles, police boxes, avatars and the usual freeloading attitude that I've been pushing back'll find yourself banned, permanently.

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  1. The begging freebie culture isn't exclusive to noobies or kids. Lately there's groups jumping on the Tardis system bandwagon, begging for scripts.
    Very often people message me both on SL and YouTube asking if i would hand over my own scripts or builds.
    Frankly it annoys me, These people with new Tardis systems that have no idea how to script ,not to mention bringing something new to the table, that forced my own system into obscurity. In fear my genuinely innovative system would be lost amongst all the generic crap.
    I wonder exactly how stupid people need to be to think i would hand over a years work for free.