Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The stupid kid's of the SL Dr Who Community


Got a message from Doc Footman asking about someone who was selling stuff outside of the back entrance to the millennium centre mall.  It happens now and again, daft kiddies who sell junk outside hoping to make a quick few linden dollars...not that they ever do sell stuff.  I returned the item being sold and this was the instant message that kicked off...

[2011/10/12 10:13]  Matt Smith (timotej526): WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE
[2011/10/12 10:13]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): one of the owners of this sim your standing in
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Matt Smith (timotej526): how do you rent space I DON T HAVE MONEY WHAY DO YOU THINK I AM SELLING
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): you dont just drop stuff all over a sim you DO NOT OWN and start selling stuff when theres folks paying rent in the mall inside
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look dude i now the guy that made second life so you dont make me tell him becose he is my friend
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): oik, whos the guy who made second life?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): whats his name?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Matt Smith (timotej526): HE DOESNT TELL HIS NAME BECOSE HE IS SECOND LIFE
[2011/10/12 10:17]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): infact ya know what,  im gonna simply report ya for fraud...until then, welcome to this regions ban list
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am sorry i just need money i am sorry please don t do this
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am so sorry

They threaten me with reporting me to the owner of Second Life, who's name is apparently "Second Life"...


Yeah...he's banned from Katrina.


  1. +1 for sheer unmitigated gall

    -elebenty for sheer unmitigated stupidity.

    And "Matt Smith" at the titler no less!

  2. "You are caught peddling trash outside the mall, and attempting to claim powerful friends to avoid legal retribution. Go directly to New London, do not pass Go, do not collect 200 Lindens."

  3. Hehe...You have not seen Russian kids...Wait, there were two.