Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poor old Hamlet

Hamlet the Has-Been.  One time Linden Lab employee and now self proclaimed know it all of the Virtual World has fallen more in the last year than any other year.

His blog, New World Notes, has been courting controversy more and more over the past two years since it has become apparent that old Hamlet the Has-Been is now ignored by The Lab in general.  His latest post, talking about "Magic Circles" in SL is again one of Hamlets veiled attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator in SL...the greifers.

As I said in his blogs comments, New World Notes has now crashed through the gutter and has ended up in the sewer, where whats left of old Hamlet the Has-Been's reputation ended up a long, long time ago.

Just reading the comments you can now see the kind of brainless trolls that Hamlet the Has-Been is trying to attract, folks like "James" (they NEVER use their SL name) saying things like...

"anyone attempting to create a "real income" through Second Life is about as intelligent as an Amoeba."

Ummm....really? Wtf?

You can see some of the more mainstream bloggers like Saffia going in and trying to defend the mainstream center line of Second Life...the folks like me, and you.   Of course it wont work, because Hamlet the Has-Been has become a bitter, twisted, self centered ego maniac who thinks because he happens to run a blog (sorry Hammy...Prok gets more hits, and writes better than you ever have) he can "steer" the direction the entire lab goes?

Think im kidding?  Read through the past 4 months worth of Hamlet the Has-Been's posts, he's literally trying to TELL the lab what to do, where to take Second Life.  SL and more importantly the Lab has changed dramatically since the days of Hammy working in it.  Hamlet is one of the core reasons the Lab didn't progress under the leadership of Phillip Rosedale.  Because the lab was full of self important egotists like Hammy who didn't want to work with anyone else.

Phillip Rosedale is gone, replaced with Rod Humble who ain't afraid to knock heads together, and all of Hammy's friends who were responsible for holding the Lab back, got fired by M Linden last year.

Times have changed Hammy...maybe you should too.

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