Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poor old Hamlet

Hamlet the Has-Been.  One time Linden Lab employee and now self proclaimed know it all of the Virtual World has fallen more in the last year than any other year.

His blog, New World Notes, has been courting controversy more and more over the past two years since it has become apparent that old Hamlet the Has-Been is now ignored by The Lab in general.  His latest post, talking about "Magic Circles" in SL is again one of Hamlets veiled attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator in SL...the greifers.

As I said in his blogs comments, New World Notes has now crashed through the gutter and has ended up in the sewer, where whats left of old Hamlet the Has-Been's reputation ended up a long, long time ago.

Just reading the comments you can now see the kind of brainless trolls that Hamlet the Has-Been is trying to attract, folks like "James" (they NEVER use their SL name) saying things like...

"anyone attempting to create a "real income" through Second Life is about as intelligent as an Amoeba."

Ummm....really? Wtf?

You can see some of the more mainstream bloggers like Saffia going in and trying to defend the mainstream center line of Second Life...the folks like me, and you.   Of course it wont work, because Hamlet the Has-Been has become a bitter, twisted, self centered ego maniac who thinks because he happens to run a blog (sorry Hammy...Prok gets more hits, and writes better than you ever have) he can "steer" the direction the entire lab goes?

Think im kidding?  Read through the past 4 months worth of Hamlet the Has-Been's posts, he's literally trying to TELL the lab what to do, where to take Second Life.  SL and more importantly the Lab has changed dramatically since the days of Hammy working in it.  Hamlet is one of the core reasons the Lab didn't progress under the leadership of Phillip Rosedale.  Because the lab was full of self important egotists like Hammy who didn't want to work with anyone else.

Phillip Rosedale is gone, replaced with Rod Humble who ain't afraid to knock heads together, and all of Hammy's friends who were responsible for holding the Lab back, got fired by M Linden last year.

Times have changed Hammy...maybe you should too.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Break

It's been a couple of months now...

I think the break from the Dr Who side of things has lasted long enough.  Since the winter Podshock Party is this November in what may be a brand new rebuilt Katrina, I reckon its time i ended the break on November 1st.

Time to get down to business...

Friday, 28 October 2011

SS Great Britain Update

Just a quick update snapshot, sails and rigging are almost finished, work on the deck details has started...

Transfered from Square Rigging to the Great Britains original configuration of one square rig and 5 schooner rigged masts...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Next Project - SS Great Britain

Fleet Week for the steamlands is next month and it got me in the mood to start a project ive been thinking about building for a while...

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Britain...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Script times - Post OS upgrade

It looks like Linden Lab have done something that fixed things with the OS upgrade they are performing across the server farms for the grid, i just finished a post in the new babbage website about spare time on the sims after the OS upgrade, here was the times...

Academy of Industry - 8.4ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 3.4ms Spare Time

Babbage Pallisade - 12.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4.9ms Spare Time

New Babbage - 10.2ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Square - 9.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 2ms Spare Time

Port Babbage - 10.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 1ms Spare Time

Clockhaven - 5.9ms Spare Time (clockhaven has a higher physics count than other new babbage sims)
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 2ms Spare Time

Wheatstone Waterways - 11.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Canals - 8.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of no spare time (Canals has always been script time heavy, not anymore though)

Vernian Sea - 9.8ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 3ms Spare Time

Ive also checked the script heavy Katrina sim which ALWAYS had 0ms of spare time, even Katrina now has 2ms of spare time!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The stupid kid's of the SL Dr Who Community


Got a message from Doc Footman asking about someone who was selling stuff outside of the back entrance to the millennium centre mall.  It happens now and again, daft kiddies who sell junk outside hoping to make a quick few linden dollars...not that they ever do sell stuff.  I returned the item being sold and this was the instant message that kicked off...

[2011/10/12 10:13]  Matt Smith (timotej526): WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE
[2011/10/12 10:13]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): one of the owners of this sim your standing in
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Matt Smith (timotej526): how do you rent space I DON T HAVE MONEY WHAY DO YOU THINK I AM SELLING
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): you dont just drop stuff all over a sim you DO NOT OWN and start selling stuff when theres folks paying rent in the mall inside
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look dude i now the guy that made second life so you dont make me tell him becose he is my friend
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): oik, whos the guy who made second life?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): whats his name?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Matt Smith (timotej526): HE DOESNT TELL HIS NAME BECOSE HE IS SECOND LIFE
[2011/10/12 10:17]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): infact ya know what,  im gonna simply report ya for fraud...until then, welcome to this regions ban list
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am sorry i just need money i am sorry please don t do this
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am so sorry

They threaten me with reporting me to the owner of Second Life, who's name is apparently "Second Life"...


Yeah...he's banned from Katrina.

Redone Time Rotor

Figured i would redo the time rotor of my home TARDIS a few days ago :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Double Standards

Everyone knows the whole JLU thing that was going on, well, it kinda is still going on but it's quietened down now.  The Second Life Universe Forums ( ) was where it started.

Reports of the JLU mass datacollecting, reports of Kal-El (the leader of JLU) calling someone's work to inform the boss that one of their employers was a greifer in a virtual world, masses and masses of leaked Brainiac Wiki which has personal info on a long list of greifers and persons of note in the SL community.

The outrage that spilled out in the SL Universe forums carried on in-world, but it died off, cause SLU has one big problem, its full of jack-asses who shoot themselves and everyone else in the this post...

Take a look att he folks who "like" or "agree" with what one of SLU's freequent posters have done.  Now take a look at all the folks who are "outraged" at what the JLU have done...yeah, its basically the same folks.

What Joshua done makes the JLU look like a kindergarden playpen in comparison, and ultimatley what Joshua has done is wash away ANY legitimacy, ANY credence, and ANY support that the SLU crusade against JLU had.

The JLU might be doing a lot of borderline grey area stuff, might be invading peoples privacy but at least they try and keep it locked behind a wiki, which ultimatley gets hacked every year.  However what they dont do is go onto a public internet forum and then spill as much private info about someone to the baying hoardes of sheep wanting blood cause the JLU thing has ran its course....double standards rule in SL Universe.

I've also cancelled my subscription to SLU, screw paying to subscribe to a forum where some nut job can call ya up in real life if he don't like ya.

As for the JLU, before Josh shot everyones foot with a double barrel shotgun, I was on the same line of thinking as Des Shang, opposed to what the JLU are doing, but not to the extent of bawling and shouting about it.  After what Josh pulled though and after seeing the FULL effect of what Prokofy Neva had coined the "SLU Sharia Court", i can't help but think if some, or all of those leaked wiki posts have been altered in some way, or tampered with.  I'm back on the fence on this, the JLU can basically do what they want, well, they do that anyway.  The point is the core of any hope of Linden Lab even doing a partial investigation into the Justice League has now dried up totally, its only a matter of time before someone send Rod Humble (CEO of LL) a link to that post Josh makes, and any credence or weight behind what the forum posters of SLU have made will mean absolutely nothing.