Saturday, 10 September 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day

So, just watched the final episode of Torchwood Miracle day.

Theres a thing about Russel T Davies, dont get me wrong he's great cause he brought back Doctor Who and all that but does anyone get the feeling that Torchwood Ep 2 to 9 was nothing but pointless filler?

The first episode set up the series great, the final episode ended it...kinda great, but those episode in the middle...felt basically like a waste of time.  Which is the problem with Russel T Davies.  He is probably one of the best management people around, able to bring in the best of the best, able to command the staff and get them into the same direction, but when it comes to story telling he...lacks something.

The 10 episodes of Miracle Day should have been 5 episode, or maybe even just 4.  The builk of the series felt like nothing more than filler and the ending obviously sets things up for a possible future series of Torchwood.  If Russel T Davis bring it back...hopefully he brings in another lead writer, cause another 10 episode arc with the bulk of the episodes between 1 and 10 was quite frankly pointless.


  1. Watched the last episode this evening. I pretty much agree with you in that it could have been a lot tighter with about half the episodes. I think most of the stuff with Gwen's family could have been dropped, and probably the story with Rex and the Doctor. Yeah it tried to make it more personal by the audience getting to know her first but it was heavily padded.

    Yet even after 10 episodes, Rex hasn't grown on me as a character to follow through into any sequels.

    Though seeing John de Lancie for his brief appearances time was great.

  2. More John De Lancie , Less rex = good . Shame rtd tried to do too much an Starz has declined to pick up the series for another run . So does it come back across the pond to the UK an picked up by the BBC ? who knows hehe . Fox has also declined to have anything to do with the project as well ... so rtd's options in america don't look good .