Monday, 26 September 2011

That Mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!

So, i was doddling around in Brunel Hall, my hotel in Academy of Industry, New babbage...and i decided to nip back to my own TARDIS to check on some textures I was using for the new garden in it to see if i could get away with using them for the garden in the hotel.  My TARDIS doors was open inside the hotel and i noticed two new folks pop into the radar, never seen their names before but they was obviously Dr Who fans cause they was busy roleplaying.  It seems they landed in my other rezzer in Port Babbage and had walked into Academy from Port.

One of them was obviously checking who made Brunel Hall cause they commented OOC how good the place looked and then they said...

"Damn...its that Mornington guy...that mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!"

It kinda made me chuckle.

It is true though, a lot of the roleplay landing spots for Hands of Omega and a few for DCL is under my name, im builds I made or close to builds i made.  But i aint "everywhere".  Here's a list of the places i actually own, live in, or run...

Fullarton House in the Clockhaven region of New Babbage, my first home in New Babbage and my secondary TARDIS.  I'm rarley in the place though...

The Carriage House, my private home at the far side of the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, the carriage building part on the left is my photography studio.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Hall Hotel, the hotel ive been runing for two years and has been featured in a few SL magazines...this is where your likley to find me most days.  Ya cant miss the place, its the largest building in the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, and the largest building (by land area) in the city.

Mornington's Cabin, another little retreat/holiday home I have, this one is recent.  In the quiet sim of Steelhead St Helens.

Type 42 Scout TARDIS.  This one is my private home, my main place to go to if i want to get away from everyone to sort inventory...thats why im not mentioning the region...cause its private :p

The Doctor Who Exposition, im one of the co-owners but latley (since im on a break) im hardly ever there.

Zenobia Time Station.  My own build and my former home, sitting at 600m above Katrina its the base of operations for House Cerulean in the Hands of Omega roleplay.

Thats basically it.  Out of all those places listed above im usually found in or close to Brunel Hall since it is a running business.  It just happens that a lot of the roleplay destinations in the hands of omega catagory is under my name, but for actual builds I own or co-own thats about it :)

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