Monday, 19 September 2011

Noobs and Sandboxes...

Ya know...even with me taking a break i still get about 5 to 10 messages a day from folks that dont know im taking a break.  Although it does make a change from the 20 to 30 messages a day i usually get.

Latley there have been more and more complaints in the old Sandbox caretakers group which is sorta wrapped around the Builders Brewery group.  It's an offshot group from BB where all the private sandbox owners (not the LL owned lagfest sandboxes), have chats now and again.  Over the past year there has been an increasing number of begging, badly attired, 12 to 15 year olds running around in private sandboxes proclaiming they are "The Doctor" and shooting the place up, or more to the general chagrin of the sandbox owners...rezzing numbers of consoles stacked ontop of each other or next to each other on the ground.

The vast majority of these consoles?  N.L.S

Some of the sandbox moderators and owners have been messaging me over the past few months more and more since a lot of them recognise my name from the SLU forums as "The Doctor Who Man".  They have started coining the term "Noobs Lagging Sandboxes" when it comes to all these obvious kids rezzing the cheapest console they can get a hold of in SL which has a teleport capability, which is of course NLS, but has one major problem, as an owner of a sandbox said to me today...their scripting is "fucking god awfull".

Sen from HoO has already something in the works to offset the problems of folks rezzing a number of consoles in a private owned sandbox.  However as I have seen first hand today in the Whitmyre Sandbox and the Fermi sandbox, there are a load of kids out there rezzing the "fucking god awfull" NLS consoles, and not just one the case of Fermi at about 4pm SLT today one noob had rezzed 4 of them...stacked.

There's nothing i can do about something like that, even in the early days of this year when it started to happen more and morw with not just NLS but HoO, there was really nothing that could be done.  I did send out notices in the Dr Who group especially directed at the HoO users and Sen has made comments in the TARDIS Owners group as well, over the past 4 months the amount of HoO stacked consoles from noobs have declined as they have moved to the unpoliced Linden Lab ran sandboxes which is where builds that big should be in the first place.

The NLS noobs though?  They dont care...much like the creators of said console system.

I gave the sandbox owners some simple advice when it comes to these noobs rezzing consoles.  Ban them...and ban the use of consoles in their sandbox, not just NLS, but ALL of them.  That way it will force these resource hogging kids to move to the already laggy Linden Lab sandboxes and if they run around shooting folks there, the bigger griefers will chew them up and spit them out in pieces.  Once good way to teach these kids a lesson.

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  1. Following this comment, i decided to test the script memory on all the popular console systems.

    Hands Of Omega win with the less memory usage, followed by my own system. WITS system is slightly higher. I could only test the old NLS as they wont suply the new type-50 for the experiment.

    The old type-45 NLS system uses more than 3 times the script memory of my own system, twice as much as WITS and probably 10 times at least the memory of the HoO system.

    keep in mind how primitive the NLS type-45 was. I'm sure the newer type-50 is even more badly scripted than that.