Saturday, 10 September 2011

Kat Kassner, heartless troll

Some of you may already know about the death of the typist behind the avatar of Leia Rajal who was active in almost all of the major Doctor Who communities.  Earlier on this week a memorial was put up to remember Leia by and folks came over to pay their respects for a long time member of the Dr Who community who will no longer be among us.

Well, almost everyone payed their respects...Kat Kassner however...didnt.  Several folks have told me about a conversation which went on between Krassner and Leia's inworld SL "Mother".  I never seen the chat logs because as everyone knows handing over chat logs is against LL tos, but basically it was Kassner saying that she has reported folks close to Leia for "Fraud" and basically thinks the death is fake...the worst part is she was trolling all this while actually AT the memorial.  The person she chewed out, Leia's SL "mother" had never been a part of the Dr Who community before, and this was her first taste of it.

Kat are scum.  It's as simple and as plain as that.


  1. How can people be reported for fraud unless there's a profit to be made from it? I tell people in SL on a daily basis i'm a 450 year old alien and, so far, i have had no complaints. Well not for that at least.

  2. Does this really surprise anyone?

    Hey Heracles! You aren't REALLY a 450 year old alien! God damn it I am AR'ing you RIGHT NOW!!!!

    *begin butthurt incident*


  3. Ya know, I have to say...Kassner harboring a copybotter...attacking every other Who sim in SL...stealing money from a cancer charity...OK, that's bad enough. But attacking a grieving "family" in SL (including the decdent's RL brother) after someone has apparently died...THAT is a new low in an already spotty history for someone. I really don't know how to rank this amongst the other decidedly low ranking history this particular avatar has had so far in-world. I am actually speechless.

  4. LOL @ Tristan

    I met the girl's SL parents in their club on Sunday evening to offer my condolences, such lovely people. Why anybody would want to AR them is just insanity.

    Of course this AR comes from people that shield copybotters while accussing the recent SL Tardis developers of the same thing.