Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The JLU, willing to support a copybotter

 EDIT: After leaving a comment questioning the JLU for allowing old Archie and his lapdog wolfie to comment on the JLU's Krypton Radio site, their comments on the KR site was deleted.  For me this was my problem with the JLU, the whole data collecting/wiki thing that is going on is ultimatley up to Linden Lab and the JLU to discuss, but as we all know LL doesnt do a dang thing about copybotters in Second Life...that is up to the common residents to chase down, which is exactly what i did.

I'd like to thank the JLU for restoring some semblance of normality in an otherwise shady and torrid past when it comes to Archie and his lapdog wolf.


Yeah, more JLU madness again.

You remember our old friend Archangel?  Ya know, the guy who ripped off one of the Katrina sim daleks?  Well it seems old Archie is now going to bat FOR the Justice League, and guess what folks...he has the full support of one of the higher up members of the Justice League...the same Justice League who is supposed to weed out copybotters and greifers from the SL community they are supposed to "protect".

Later on the 300+ page thread i linked to a public blog post on archies blog where he is spilling his guts about him losing his home...etc etc...he made the post shortly after he was publically gutted and hung by the folks of the SLU forums for supporting the JLU without reading over 300 pages of proof that something was seriously wrong with the Justice League's direction...due to the incompetence and mismanagement of folks like GreenLantern Excelsior and Kal-El.

Old Archy boys post was public...for everyone to read, going on about his RL problems, tryin to get that old sympathy vote out, but the kicker is while Archie should be trying to get his life back on track he was STILL posting away in that massive SLU thread calling folks like Desmond Shang (owner of the Caldeon sims) me, Ann OToole, Elysium Hynes (big dr who fan and content creator) and a whole long list of other Second Life content creators and residents a bunch of liars.

So, good old GreenLantern Excelsior then goes to...wait for it...The AlphaVille Herald for an interview, and casts up the fact that i brought up Archies blog post (which was public for all to see) as some kind of thing that ya dont do cause it reveals person info...ummm...


Not only does GreenLantern Excelsior and the higher ups of the Justice League not care ONE BIT that they are now in bed with one of the best known content thieves in the Dr Who community, it seems that GLE is now welcoming old Archie support?!

So, the JLU now only report and try and ban greifers and copybotters...but ONLY if it DOES NOT interfere with their plan to get a foothold into a community.  Well, ive already banned GLE from Katrina (old arhie was banned a long time ago, cause he...well..a theif) I already sent a notecard about Archies dealings in the Dr Who community to KalEl, and GreenLantern Excelsior must already know about Archies past, but hey it looks like the Justice League Unlimited now SUPPORT copybotting scum in their rank and file fans.

As such, as far as I am concerned the door of this community is now slammed closed on GLE and the Justice League's higher up "command staff" for supporting copybotters within the Doctor Who community.

The landmass of Antiquity have already thrown out the JLU in disgust at that antics of collecting privare and personal data of selected residents (a lot of them not even greifers) within Second Life.  Desmond Shang (estimed guvnah of the 40+ caldeon sims) has spoken out against the JLU, and well known residents of SL have all spoken out against the JLU in the SLU forums.  GLE and Venkmann can add me to that list, and i will be keeping a close eye on the Dr Who Group and the lands under the temporal architects to make sure Venkmann and GLE get nowhere near close to a foothold in this community.

The problem does NOT lay with the entire Justice League.  I am friends with about 11 known members of the JLU and some well known Dr Who community folks who are neutral are in the JLU.  The problem with the JLU is down to two people, and two people alone....

GreenLantern Excelsior and KalEl Venkman...

...get rid of those two, reform the JLU council and put someone who isnt insane as its leader...and the JLU will be back to the group it should be...not the insane datamining communist based dictatorship it is now, where anyone different from them is logged in their wiki, anyone different from them is automatically classed as a greifer, and anyone who values SL privacy is labelled a "troublemaker".

Remember folks, its not just little old me speaking up about this, when big hitters like Caledons Desmond Shang speaks out...SOMETHING IS WRONG.


  1. And I thought the Extra Credit thing was a trainwreck!

  2. The whole thing has turned into one big slow moving train wreck Edward, i mean hell, Des Shang getting involed? He's ALWAYS neutral...

  3. this whole JLU thing , errierly smacks and reeks of redzone 2.0 on steroids ... I don't see any nice or easy solutions to the JLU cockup . It's going to be messy and LL will end up dropping tons of ban hammer's me thinks .

  4. Actually I wouldn't say it's just those two. Maverick (not sure on spelling it's late and I'm tired) who goes around as Bat-Man has proven to be one of the main instigators of several of the JLU actions. Not to mention one of those who has put some of that RL info to use when he called the university where Tizzers was enrolled.

    There are a few others that I'm on the fence about. One is just out and out a raving fanboy along for the ride.

  5. And in the meantime, JLU collaborates with SL to stop...W-Hat and Woodbury?

    The irony is, the w-hat and woodbury folks I've had the privilege of meeting are far more creative than can be said for most other people on SL, plus their "griefing" basically boils down to pretty much just going to popular locations wearing strange avatars.

    And people call THAT griefing.