Thursday, 15 September 2011

Is mesh breaking the grid?

Since the rollout of mesh, stuff has been breaking.

It started with Cheshyr Pontchartrain (owner of Novatech) mentioning a problem with rezzing objects from specific rez box Novatech's "Horizons" and...well...about 90% of the other systems out there.  Large builds, basically builds with many parts have been rezzing in such a way that peices of the build rez more than 10 sims away at a distance of over 10,000M and then...vanish.  They dont go into Lost and Found, they are just gone.  This bug affects sims and parcels that have "No Object Entry" on.

The next bug is one to do with updates.  Namley HUDS or items actually attached to your avatar that relys on a prim being rezzed close to you for updating the HUD or items, much like EmDash...well, thats broke as well.

Oskar Linden has stated that there is an "emergency meeting" going on in the lab at the present monet of writing this blog entry to figure things out, but im starting to see a house of cards scenario beging to appear here where server rollouts for Mesh is starting to break everything else.


  1. Yeah, It broke the exterior installation for Who Islands Tardis system and my own.

    LL's suggestion is to rez the attachment first, but this defeats the purpose. The installer is scripted for convenience, i.e not having to rez the hud.

  2. Yet another reason for my deep and increasing dislike of the whole Mesh concept.

    If this has compromised the ability to *rez*, for crying out loud, and the ability to transfer content to an attachment (given that it's only a really really idiotic and pointless Linden limitation that makes this more problematic than transferring to a rezzed object in the first place)... then, sorry, but when you also add all that to the apparent increase in sim crashes and failed HTTP requests that have been going on since this started...
    *and* the *degradation* (*) of performance for users on average-to-lower hardware that's been going on since 2.4 or thereabouts, when the client first started being interfered with to move toward mesh compatibility on the beta grid...

    That's even *without* considering the way that mesh, *if* it can ever be stably introduced in a way that the average payment on file "tax" paying SL computer user(**) can view and interact with, has the corrosive faculty of moving the ability of content creation, *core* to the SL experience, further away from the abilities of said 'average user'.

    Even the Lindens seem keen to minimise the use of Mesh, with the prohibitive 'tax' on vertices they're planning to implement in the prim/prim equivalent count. They *know* it's going to be a blight on rendering resources.

    Maybe mesh-built creations *are* going to be prettier... but they make it far less likely that new residents, with access to the same tools as their older cohorts, will ever decide to 'have a go' and start building and creating content.

    That chance might seem insignificant now, but a few years down the line, what happens? What happens when the current cream of SL content creators, the Ezys, the Cobalts, the Cheshyrs, etc etc, have moved on, or changed priorities?

    Where will those who'll take over from them be?
    In many cases, not there, because they'll have started the way we all started, banging prims together... and whereas graduating to prims with nicer textures and the odd sculpted part for prettiness'sake, and then on to more sculpted builds, was possible... the leap to suddenly shifting to a totally different out-world mesh building approach... will have defeated them, and they'll have given up.

    In the final analysis... is the introduction of this content-breaking, stability-disrupting, viewer-resource-hogging elitist building tool *really* worth it?

    (*) I'm not referring to newer features like shadows etc not working, I'm referring to basic performance and frame rate decreasing on *identical* settings...

  3. I seriously doubt "Mesh" has anything to do with the issue that arose from "Mesh" being implemented to the grid.
    I would personally go more with the theory that its LL doing their "Tweaks" to said problematic issues that have arose from the mesh update.
    By this i mean that someone at LL thought it would be a good idea to tweak how HUD installers worked and broke it instead etc etc.
    Mesh is far from new hat on the grid as the clients were already rendering it be it as Avatars, prims, trees and so on.
    It has all been there from the start we were just not allowed to play with it is all but now we have the option to go wild if you like.
    Sculpted prims are technically mesh any ways.

    As for the whole rendering issue that really is not due to mesh in the slightest considering the rather strict limits set in place on a mesh object that will eat up prim counts quickly if your not optimising your mesh object.
    The only thing that will get you as a user is that you now have to download an extra piece of data that tells the client how to render the mesh object and those can be a considerable size but there is a limit on that too.
    here is a quick example of why mesh is actually less to render than an ordinary SL cube minus the downloading of the mesh:
    Mesh Cube: 6 faces = 6 quadrangle polygons = 12 triangle polygons
    SL Cube: 6 faces = 54 quadrangle polygons = 108 triangle polygons
    for the sake of keeping this simple we will work as quadrangle polygons.
    Simply put for every face on a simple mesh cube there is just one quadrangle polygon compared to the SL prim being 9 quadrangle polygons per face.
    so effectively SL Prims will always cost more graphics wise to render than a mesh object, combine that with the fact that mesh has quite a harsh conformity standard set out by LL it does make Mesh a much better option rendering wise above SL prims.

    As for them messing around with the viewer and its degradation since 2.4 that is probably due to all the extra features that have been added like the shadows etc or someone at the lab optimising it to their own machine and screwing everyone else.
    But to be perfectly honest the whole of viewer 2 has been so much better for my old laptop compared to any viewer 1 equivalence regardless of how recent it is, not to mention even my netbook got 2 FPS more than a viewer 1 variant.