Friday, 16 September 2011

Democracy in Second Life

Here we go..again...

Prokofy Neva likes to coin the term of "FIC", the Feted Inner Core of Second Life made up of the oldbie accounts, the folks who have been in Second Life from almost the start of the world opening up.  Latley Gwyn made a blog post dragging up the old dead horse of "Democracy in Second Life".

Prok made a reply beating it down...

...its the same old story.  The oldbies, or the "FIC" as Prok calls them trying to get SL ran like a democracy, where there is a core "parliament" like group of 50 or so avatars "voted" in to "represent" the core interests of residents in Second Life.

"Voted" in meaning that big businesses like Anshe Chung would get an automatic spot, big bloggers like Gywn would get an automatic spot.  Basically the entire "Democratic Assembly" would be a whole bunch of big names who are TOTALLY out of touch with the rest of Second Life.

Can you imagine a Gorean community leader being voted into this new assembly?  What about a furry community leader?  A BDSM community leader?  Maybe a leader from one of the Sci-Fi communities?

No...they wouldnt be, it would be full of "normal" people with "normal" interests who have "normal" opinions, who probably hate goreans, dont really like furries and cant stand BDSM'ers.

Flip the coin a bit though, imagine there was a group of 50 or so people "representing" the SL community.  Now, throw in 2 or 3 Gorean community leaders, ontop of that throw in one or two BDSM community leaders.  Now ontop of that mix, throw in one "normal" representative who beleived in "Womens rights in Second Life".  Now, grab the popcorn, sit back, and watch the bloodbath.

Second Life has changed from their early days of being in this world.  Maintenance Wednesday when the whole grid was closed for updated for 24 hours no longer happens.  About 80% of the Linden employees who worked at that lab when Gwyn was a nooby have gone, LL has been through two CEO's they are now on their third.  The simple fact is...

...Democracy in SL is a lie, it wont work, cant work, and never will work.

Now I like Gwyn, she has the kind of avatar look that makes ya wanna run up to her and give her a big hug, she just looks...nice.  But please, enough with the democracy crap already...


  1. Democracy does not work in Second Life. Inherently, every avatar is not created equal. We look down on the default avatars. We look down on the blingtards. And the avatars that are "nice looking" are the ones that have spent both time and money in world to get that look.

    Also, money buys status in SL with land ownership, content creation, and storytelling in general. So how do you determine who is eligible to vote? Premium members? Sim owners? Some sort of registration? This is all something that has to be determined and is far more messy than who may be allowed to serve on the 'government.'

    I have seen this sort of faux democracy in communities. It should not be called a Parliament or a Congress at all. It should be more akin to Student Council or an Advisory Committee. The roundtable can suggest ideas but it is the Labbers that actually make it happen. With or without our input, we will be told what will happen. And they will do what is best for the bottom line every time.

    I personally find it ironic that we judge avatars on their appearance when it was Our Savior Phillip Linden that wore the Bejeweled Codpiece and default avatar hair.

  2. "Basically the entire "Democratic Assembly" would be a whole bunch of big names who are TOTALLY out of touch with the rest of Second Life."

    Sounds like some real governments I know.

  3. Come to the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. It has been going since October 2004. It has had its problems and hurtles, it has maintained a consistent democratically elected government throughout its long history in Second Life.