Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well i finally managed to get my hands on all 11 seasons (yup, it ran for 11 years) of the show so much i overhauled the bar in Brunel Hall slightly so its almost a replica of the bar from Cheers :)

The top part is different cause thats the part that was mostly out of shot but the bar itself and the layout of the stuff in the middle of the bar is as close as I can get it to the way it looked on the show during Season 1.

Fancy popping along to where you'll find me lazing around most days?  Clicky on the link....ohhhhh and regular parties in Muirsheen Durkin (thats the name of the bar) every Friday evening at 6pm SL Time.


  1. Sooooo. Modified Brunel AGAIN?

    It's the start of September now. I wonder how long before the next thing gets changed.

    I give it four weeks :-)

  2. Edward, you say that like it's a bad thing...

  3. grins , just more reasons to pop into babbage an chin wag with Vic . Never a bad thing .

    the the better question if the bar's cheers themed , whose playing the role of Norm ? :P