Sunday, 21 August 2011

No Regrets

August 2nd, 2008...i was 7 months in SL by that point.  The Doctor Who community was tiny compared to it was now.  There was only really three TARDIS producers around (snook, HoO, Novatech) and only two sims...the failing Land of Who, and the the two year old Katrina.

August 21st, 2011...three years in SL, Land of Who closed, now over 9 TARDIS making companies, 5 sims covering Doctor Who, a massive community and all this while Second Life remained at a fully stagnant growth rate.

At the end of 2009 when i was made a co-owner of the then Doctor Who Experience, the marketing strategy for the sim, and the community was non existant.  Fast forward to 2011, the Doctor Who community has outpaced the growth of the largest Star Trek groups consistently for the past 10 months, thats not just the main Doctor Who group, thats also including the groups tied to TARDIS and Who Island.  Marketing...thats what I do best, thats what I continued to do all the way through 2009 going into 2011.

Katrina was the first of the dr who sims to reach into the ignored teen areas of Second Life, it was the first of the dr who sims to reach out to the outside sites like DWO and with a lot of help from Oolon and Terry, Podshock.  It was the first of the sims to present a unified booth for the then early iteration of the IFT's Sci-Fi Convention of Second Life...and 2 years later, the last IFT Sci-Fi convention has MORE booths than Star Trek...i counted the final number, we had 11 booths...trek only had 10, one of them pulled out i think.

The marketing i put in place in early 2010 has ultimately payed off.  Involving outside sites and podcasts and inviting them to take a look at what Second Life is all about, it has worked...the size of the whovian community compared to what it was like even this time last year shows that fact.

It comes at a price sanity.

For more than a year i have basically been working in Second Life, every day more than 20 to 30 IM's, when i log in after 7 hours sleep i usually have a stack of over 18 notecards to read and answer.  All ranging from general stuff to do with Katrina, to the stuff to do with DCL, HoO and other console makers.  When a noob comes into SL from seeing one of my videos or seeing an advert ive placed, they automatically think i work for Katrina, HoO, Who Island, Novatech and all the other content producers all at the same time. 

Last weekend i had lazer surgery on both eyes to reverse the effect of the eye condition i suffer from, Fuchs Dystrophy...eventually, it will blind me, but for now they can halt the progression of it by Lazer surgery every two years.  I went in on Sunday morning, was out and in pain and half blind (after effects, its cleared up now) on Monday log into 28 notecards, and a bunch of capped messages...i then spent the next 4 to 5 hours answering them...when i went to bed that night after having to take morphine to kill off the after effect pain thats when i thought to myself...

"This isnt worth it anymore..."

..everyone else is reaping the benefits of the increased activity, the interviews i do (latest one with JLU) the marketing, the backdoor dealings i do with other sci-fi groups in SL for cross pollination of visitors, the forum posts (sooooooo many forum posts) the messages i send to folks in Twitter or Facebook inviting them into SL....everyone is benefiting...but im left doing all the work.

The podshock party that just finished will be my last major function for the DWE.  As from Sunday 21st of August i have all but quit as an owner of Katrina.  I will still be listed as an owner, owing to the fact that all the Dr Who content there and in the teen place was put down by me, but the heavy marketing which was taking up about 5 hours of each day i logged in, and then the constant stream of notecards and messages from folks thinking i work for HoO, DCL etc etc etc have made Second

Katrina as you all know it, will be changing...chaging to such an extent that none of you will recogise it.  Maybe once the new look Katrina appearsm, i might come back full time...might...

...until then, i will be spending my time in another community where i can relax, put my feet up and...have fun...and thats New Babbage.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My god, its full of...

...trees...lots and lots of trees!

Above is a pic of the new log cabin i built.  It's now my little get away holiday home in Steelhead St Helens :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Good greif...

Ya dont really know the size of something until its sitting by itself...

With large prims buildable up to 64 x 64 x 64 on the mainland sandbox (its now mesh enabled) for engineers of new babbage i decided to rebuild all the walls and roof with the new buildable big prims in SL, this time they will be custom sized and not hacked up from SALT HUD megas.  Dang that hotel is big O.O

Tuesday, 2 August 2011