Friday, 15 July 2011

When the going gets tough...

...trolls and drama stirrers run out of propaganda, they say they are "leaving" in order to gain sympathy from their most devout followers.  They then announce on their site a few days later that they are not leaving "in order to support the community" and they get praised as a champion of the community ...etc ....etc...

Seen it, read the t-shirt...watched countless trolls and drama merchants in the Star Trek gaming community pull that exact same stunt.  To give them their credit though, they did leave in the end, but it was a long drawn out process of leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back until it got to the stage where people realized they was simply taking the mickey.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and unlike Crassner who has comments switched off on her blog cause she cant handle the truth and people standing up to her, I leave comments switched on.  It actually does me a favor seeing all the TARDIS folks idiotic comments in this blog, its lets the other members of the community know to stay the hell away from you all.


  1. Wow. That is really and truly pathetic. No, really, it is pathetic on a level that astounds the mind as to how you can possibly derive pleasure from destroying entire online communities just to satisfy your pathological need to be the only one in them.

    Congratulations that you allow people to post comments stating the truth. I guess that's why you dare not delete the comment by Anthony Haslage that exposed your lie for what it is: a flat out fabrication. You used a cancer charity in an attempt to defame a rival group that gets more traffic than your empty little corner of Second Life ever will without even trying. How does it feel knowing that the only ones who bought your line of baloney are the ones who only hang around you because no one else will put up with their phoniness, backstabbing, lies, and manipulations? Birds of a feather truly do flock together, after all. How does it feel knowing that the SOLE reason you are despised in the online community is YOU?

    Because all this little rant of yours has accomplished is to confirm your true intention, namely, to destroy the SL Whovian community if you can't run it 100%. You had your little elitist clique in SL, then along came someone else who established a friendlier, community-driven region with a Whovian theme and it succeeded in spite of your pointless attempts to destroy it. Now you're using charity organizations as weapons in your pathetic little war against people whose only "crime" was to want to have fun in SL in the spirit of a television show we all enjoy. But like any vampire, you have to suck all the life out of it so that in the end, no one can derive enjoyment from anything.

    What happened to you, boy? Did you get shut out of some clique in grade school? or is it really and simply petty jealousy that someone could come along after you and build a better and more popular community then your endless lies, harassment, and threats never will? So now the IFT people have to get involved and put a stop to your lies because now you're dragging them into your private little war. It is my sincere hope that they wise up and forever banish you from participating in any and all RFL events in Second life ever again. Because you will drive away everyone else until RFL has nothing but empty events and no more ability to raise funds to fight cancer.

    And the sickest part of all this is that you are perfectly content with destroying a charity organization just so you can stroke your own ego. Really, that you even call yourself human at all is an insult to the species. What you do is how beasts behave. You are obviously happy with that. But like all dangerous animals, sooner or later the authorities sweep them up and have them put down. That is not a threat. It is simply the natural consequence of a wild animal running loose and threatening the safety of the community. And HUMAN beings are the ones who will have to deal with the fallout and cleanup.

    So declare your Pyhrric victory, boy, and enjoy it while you can. Before long you will be the proud owner of a deserted region that no one wants to go to for fear of being attacked relentlessly by you and your inner circle of savages. And then you think you'll move on and do the same things to another community you've done to at least two now, laughing to yourself that as always, you will come away from it all without having to face any consequences. But see, there are these things called laws, and unless you're ridiculously wealthy and well connected, sooner or later you're going to break one too many and end up in prison. I'm sure a lot of people won't even notice you're gone except to take note that their lives are suddenly much freer of harassment.

  2. LOL. Says Archie the copybotting thief... It's obvious you wrote this while looking in the mirror. I still, to this day, laugh at your stupidity. And now you're giving me the chance to do it again. *claps* What toolish fool you are.

    Go back and read Anthony's comments again; you've missed a few things. Those who break the rules (ignorant of them or not) hurt the charity as opposed to those who stick up for it. Then again I wouldn't expect you to "get it' never did.

  3. Michael, you've written a very in-depth, truthful, and insightful critique of the personality of a blogger. It's just a shame you put it on the wrong blog, because you've just described Vic not at all, but Kassner *perfectly*. Well, you did before you started raving and frothing about wild animals, but I think we're probably inclined to put that down to your general loose acquaintance with reality.

  4. @Michael Kwiatkowski

    First off concerning NL's "15% Donation" it is against Relay for Life Rules (Stated on their site), the offending vendors were out and some residents took screenshots of them (I believe Vic posted one) so regarding that incident there wasn't much defamation needed as NL dug most of the hole themselves!
    There are claims that people at the NL stand were "claiming" to be a part of the the Doctor Who team though so far I have seen no proof of this.

    Kassner DID put out a group notice in the NL groups saying "they were fed up" etc. etc. and going to "expose Doctor Who in SL to the beeb". Sounds like someone with the interests of the community at heart!

    It isn't just DWE's Katrina Owners that have "issues" with the TARDIS sim owner(s). Either everyone is "ganging" up on a poor inocent sim (unlikely as they dish out most of the rubbish) or the TARDIS owner(s) has problems playing fair with others!

  5. Can I recommend a course of action towards New London at this point?

    Do nothing.

    That's right. Ignore them. Don't respond to anything they say or do, at least in public, and if they do actually break some actual rules like at the IFT convention, just tip them off anonymously to the right authority and leave it to them.

    Cause I really, really want to know what exactly they have to say or do without the comments and reactions of the rest of us.

  6. Tets,
    a qualified agreement from me on this, at this point.

    That is to say, I agree, we've all wasted far, far too much time listening to the many Mouths of Sauron of late, and I'm as tired of it as you.

    However, a point of charity- we should remember the lessons of the Troughton Era in general, and the Macra Terror in particular.

    There are those in New London who go about their business, doing their best for the colony, and also for the community, and staying out of the politics. I hope we all- on all sides- have the same utmost respect for them as we do for those who do the same in Who Island, or Katrina, or Lewisonia, or New Gallifrey.

    There are *also* those in New London, and I would include most of the NL-aligned commentators on this blog here, who are akin to Ben Jackson in the Macra Terror, they've become mouthpieces of the baleful influence.

    A great many of us here were, at one time or another, friends, or at least amicable acquaintances with some of the rulers of NL. We *know* that the influence is persuasive, very good at seeming reasonable and talking people into agreeing with it.

    So... although some of them have behaved appallingly, and no doubt will continue to do so, may I vote that, like Polly, Jamie, and the Doctor, we at least consider the possibility of forgiveness for the brainwashed, if in the future any of them turn on the Makra... sorry, Macra and try to blow up the gas pumps?

  7. Ah, but you know for a fact that your rivals broke no such rules as you are claiming. I would have thought that Mr. Haslage's posts in the older thread would be enough to silence your lies, but you are clearly out to destroy these people and no facts will stand in your way obviously.

    By the way, can Mr. Mornington provide us with the names of the people who supposedly claimed to be in the Doctor Who RFL team? I would think that in all this you could name names, but the fact that you have not says to me that they do not exist. As with virtually everything you post, you made that up.

    I think it is fairly accurate to say that the people that started this blog are lying and that they are an embarrassment to the Whovian community in Second Life. You all need to hang your heads in shame for the lies you told about a rival group and for your threats against people after inviting them to post on your blog.