Monday, 25 July 2011

Stupid + Stupid = Massive FUN!


During IFT i made a blog post about "the other lot".  The blog post got some copybotter called Archangel Mortenwold whining in his blog..

It is common knowledge that Archangel has 'held over' his company to a new person called Raife Resident.  I bumped into him a few times in IFT and he seemed to be a nice enough fella.  Although recently in the final IFT booth owners meeting held last week the same Raife suddenly turned into Archangel "I got caught copybotting and im butt-hurt about it" Mortenwold by spewing all sorts of garbage about 'off world blogs inciting drama'.

Today, someone mentioned to me that Archangel posted on his blog ranting and raving about how bad I am and included a screenshot which was taken from HIS computer desktop while HE was looking at the blog...remember, this is Archangel looking at the blog...and remember, according to Arch, this Raife fella is a totally seperate from Arch...who got caught copybotting...

My blog was opened up inside Archangels veiwer...or so you think...enlarge the picture, look at the top left, its not Arch's name...


So...Archangel makes an alt...called Raife...cause Arch got caught copybotting and his name is worth less than the moudly peice of chewing gum ya see trampled on the pavement.  Raife is Archangel's attempt at transferring whats left of his company to a "new person" who doesnt have the tag of copybotter over his head.

However...Archangel aint the brightest bulb in the pack and takes a snapshot from his computer looking at my blog on his viewer...while logged in as the new person who has nothing to do with Raife...

Stupid + Stupid = MASSIVE FUN!

Here's a link to Mr Copybots blog...ya can clearly see at the bottom it was posted by Arch The Copybotter himself and not Raife...although they are one in the same person...


  1. Well, he certainly puts the arch into archvillain, doesn't he?

    Less the Master, and more like Pinky and the Brain.

  2. I don't really follow all the Drama in timelord land, but I am howling laughing at the screencaps. Amazing that he couldn't see what we can clearly see!

  3. The wannabe con man is a laugh a minute. As long as he can type he will provide massive entertainment.

  4. I'm thinking that typing's not in character for him. He probably has to cut-n-paste from other people's writing, a word at a time.

    Most likely while he does it he gloats about how he's saving so much money by not buying a keyboard of his own.

  5. Or maybe Raife sent Archangel screen captures he took. I do not suppose that ever occurred to you. Do you not get tired of being wrong? Do you not get tired of being caught in lies? No I dont suppose you do.

    You make alot of assumptions without proof.

  6. @Puppy -
    Er, how can I explain this simply.
    Blog = Opinion.

    You're quite right, it is *possible* that Raife and Archangel and yourself are not the same individual, and that Raife sent screen captures to Archangel as you posit... however, Vic interprets what he sees as suggesting that the two are the same person. So do I, so do a number of other people.

    It is not necessary to couch this with "IMO" or any such weaseling... because this is a blog. To be specific, Victor's blog. A blog is a subjective phenomenon, not a legal document. Vic is stating what he has observed, and his interpretation of it. Others of us are stating our interpretations in this comments field.

    So... we make a lot of assumptions without proof, do we? Call it educated guesswork.

    I'll summarise- we know from experience and observation that Archangel is a) a liar, b) a thief, and c) woefully inept at covering his tracks in either capacity.

    New evidence suggests that Archangel has performed a deceitful attempt to escape the consequences of his thievery, and that he has stupidly blown it out of the water by a blundering mistake... is that evidence strong enough to constitute "proof"?

    Possibly not, but the cap very definitely fits.
    He had the means (in this case, a computer,access to to Second Life, and a proven prior record in incompetent deception to allow him to successfully mess it up), the motive (contrary to your ludicrous assertion in the comments to another post, I doubt he/you actually *wants* to conduct his business life in SL with the equivalent of a

    "I'm a copybotter and I'm ok; I steal all night and I whine all day"

    group tag over his head- so creating a hidden alt would be logical *and* consistent with prior lies, and finally, he had the opportunity, since it's extremely easy to create alts.

    Would that be enough to send him to the brig for fraud, deception, kleptomania, wearing stupid glasses, and other crimes prohibited under article seven of Gallifreyan law?

    Probably not, but in the absence of any evidence to the contrary, it's enough to convince a good many people.


  8. I never, *never* like to involve myself in these blog battles, but I kinda feel honor bound to put this out there:

    I know for a fact that Archangel and Raife are one and the same. That alt account came about months ago, some time after Archangel Network and Who Island split, but before the copybotting incident went down. Maybe he forgot that I knew its identity (he has been using a different 'voice' in his chat messages with Raife as of late), or maybe he thought that because we are friends I wouldn't call him on it.

    I don't mind alts. I have a few of my own, so I can build peaceably without a flood of IMs and group chats, or explore different places anonymously, to see if/how others treat me differently.

    But using an alt to deceive others into thinking you're stepping down, having someone keep you in check, make sure that the errors (sins?) of the past are not repeated... that is objectively, morally wrong, and I can't watch you lie about it over and over.

    Would I go into business with you? Purchase your wares? From what I've *seen* (not merely heard second-hand) of your ethical practices, I would not. I'm not even sure I'm comfortable working on my builds around you anymore.

    Would I still consider us friends? Sure, why not. I'm not going to leave a party because you show up, or boycott a region because you hang out there. I have a feeling that because of this exposure I'll suddenly be cast into the realm of 'other' and immediately defriended, but I sincerely hope not.

    I disagree with this so-called '2nd Time War' that's been waging across the Whovian sims for.. gods, I don't even know how long now. I respect the right for folks like Kat and Vic and Arch to post their blogs and express their perspectives on these issues, but the manner in which they are expressed (as well as the comments that follow) is too often petty and spiteful, which only fuels resentments and inspires future conflict.

    The only polite and reasonable voice (one with no subtext, venom, or ulterior motives) I've seen recently has been Anthony Haslage, and I sincerely hope that Region leaders consider his offer of mediation.

    I love the Whovian sims in SL, but I'm so tired of having to walk around eggshells and landmines.

    I love building TARDISes, but I've yet to commit to a single company, for fear of being dragged into this War by affiliation. (I've already seen it happen to a few friends now, and it's depressin' to watch)

    The best advice I can offer is simply turn the other cheek. Corny, cliche, perhaps. But the next time you feel slighted or spited by a different group, don't vent about it in group chats, or post blogs about it. Privately discuss it with the person in question. If it's a misunderstanding, hooray! You both have a good laugh. If it's not, oh well. You wish them well and continue on as normal, and let their words stand against your actions and moral character. In the end, the best revenge is no revenge at all: a life well lived.

    (....eep! that was super long. Sorry! I s'pose that's been building up for a spell. ^_^ )

  9. Thank you Ms. Voom for setting the record straight on Archangel/Raife. As someone who has watched this battle go on for weeks now I am increasingly discouraged from taking part in the Second Life Who regions. From what I am seeing neither "side" is completely innocent. But I will not suddenly forgive one or the other because of what you have told us. What this Archangel did was wrong but is it not more wrong to deceive others through a cancer charity?

  10. Kelli, I truly feel for your plight. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. I'm sorry of any new pain comes your way due to your post.

  11. @ Kelli and Wolf:

    I wouldn't recommend letting any personal conflicts in-world prevent anyone from participating in the Whovian community. People don't always get along, and sometimes things get ugly. That's a fairly universal fact.

    However, that doesn't take away from the fact that we have a great community here (and I'm referring to all the Who regions, not just my own), and everyone is welcome. Most of us don't care what region you're from or whose products you buy. Most of us are simply happy to celebrate this silly little TV show we grew up with and hang out with other Who fans.

  12. It is far too late for that Mr. Avedon the damage is done. I am not participating in the Who regions and you all can thank yourselves for whatever ills befall you. I saw a post saying that you shame Doctor Who with this and I agree. Maybe it is time for you to think about what you have all done and ask yourselves if the only ones keeping drama going are not you.

    I have important things to do with my life and they do not involve taking part in a community full of adolescents that are more concerned with destroying each other than they are in having fun. So Mr. Avedon you can have your "community." I want no part of it.

  13. There are many that keep the drama going and it isn't Who Island. They, much like myself, have gone to great lenghts to not take sides in this feud.
    However, when you are in a position to see the business lows that people stoop to, you do learn that there exists one group separated from the rest. And alongside that, you learn why.