Tuesday, 19 July 2011

RFL Is Over

Well, not really "over" technically the fundraising doesn't stop this season until the end of August but the main Relay event finished last Sunday at 10am.

New Babbage (the RFL team i was in for the last two years) again scooped up a load of build awards which is to be expected cause their builds was...well..fantastic. 

As for the Dr Who Fans of SL, our first year went great, made a lot of friends and showed a lot of folks that the Dr Who community in SL is alive and vibrant.  The campsite was regularly staffed by folks from Who Island, Katrina and Lewisonia almost all the way through the 24 hour relay.

Next year...we're gonna go bigger...much...much bigger.

I'd like to thank everyone from the community who showed up to say hi, and to everyone who donated and attended our events.  In total Dr Who RFL raised just under 150,000LS which put us in Silver and more than half way up the team charts...

Looking forward to Relay For Life 2012!


  1. Can we assume that next year you will NOT tell lies about a rival region just so you can bring shame to the rest of the Whovian community in Second Life, like you did this year? No? I thought not.

  2. Can we assume that next year, there won't be a certain group exploiting a charity to boost their own sales?
    The split percentage rule exists for this reason.

  3. Hey wolf, can we assume that next year the said rival region wont support copybotters, wont support sending their friends out to grief other Dr Who sims, wont lie about stealing half of their attraction ideas from other dr who sims, wont ret-con their own history, wont send their little supporters to IFT to forice an issue while reps from the Katrina sim isn't there?

    No, i thought not. Why?

    Cause low life copybot supporting scum like you wolf are what makes the REST of the real community look good.

  4. Morington your lies fall on deaf ears. After this little stunt of yours nothing you say is to be believed. You lied about your rivals and did it through a charity event. That is despicable. Even after the chairman of IFT corrected the record you and your group persisted in telling your lies, even going so far as to include him in a blanket threat against people who post in your blog with negative comments.

    All you have accomplished is to embarrass yourself and the SL Whovian community as a whole. No one believes anything you say. No one cares about copying a copy your group made of someone else's work. Your whining and lying achieves nothing but to show just how big a scumbag you are.

    But good luck at the convention next year, if you have the guts to even show your virtual face after what you pulled. I cannot wait to see what you get for yourself if you try this again next year.

  5. @Wolf.

    Good grief! I'd planned to stay out of this for a while... but.... seriously, Kassner needs to muzzle you.

    "No one cares about copying a copy your group made of someone else's work"

    SERIOUSLY?! That's an even more pathetic justification for content theft than the previous ones to have come out of various quarters of New London.

    So.... you're saying that, because canon-inspired fanworks are based on someone's RL creation (Ray Cusick in this case...) then they're fair game for anyone, are you?

    You're saying that the hours, days, and weeks of work that people like Sen Pixie, Cheshyr Pontchartrain, Cobalt Neutra, Ezy McAlpine, your own Hoipoloi... hell, even *Kassner*, she's made Police Boxes.... counts for absolutely *nothing*? That because it's a fan work based on something from elsewhere, anyone who wants can just come along, take it, pass it off as their own and sell it for profit, are you?

    OK, so I know Kassner is ok with content theft in principle, she's done it enough times, and she tolerates Archieee's Second Hand Dalek Emporium operating out of her sim... but i wonder if she'll be so happy about it when you eventually want another chance to make a quick buck off the back of someone else's work, and copybot an NLS console to sell as your own?

    I hope Kassner doesn't throw you out then, ArchieWolfRaifeMichael, because the rest of the who community deserves better than having to put up with your thieving copybotting hypocritical stench oozing round trying to worm your way back into another sim. Mind you, we're probably safe, since when you try to create an alt to escape your past... you go and show everyone who it is. You truly do bring something that is your own creation to the table, don't you? It's a shame that it's incompetence.

  6. Why do you assume I am posting on anyones behalf? Why do you assume that the only people who would post in response to your lies are people from certain groups? Why do you assume who I am? Never assume.

  7. @ Puppy:

    "Why do you assume that the only people who would post in response to your lies are people from certain groups?"

    Er.... people with computers? People who are alive? People who are SL residents and know at least some of the people involved? People who have an opinion on the subject? People whose opinion on the subject is either opposed to mine (and Vic's, and other commentators on this blog's) on principle and/or whose opinion is motivated by self-interest and damage limitation?

    You're quite right, you may not be Archie/Raife/Delete As Applicable. You may be some associate of his. You may be Kassner or Lowtide, in which case please do try not to either froth or slime the carpet on your way out, you may be one of his 'business' partners, like the pair of infants who "casually" strolled around the IFT convention loudly and stagily commenting how they thought a certain company's product was the best in SL... but it really, really doesn't matter. You're one of the mouths of Sauron, and since your modus operandi is that of a certain resident, one tends to assume that you are that resident.

    "Never assume", you say. I *assume* the sun will come up tomorrow, I *assume* my place of work won't be destroyed by a meteorite and be a smouldering heap of rubble when I walk up the road to it tomorrow morning... (if I assumed differently, I wouldn't bother setting my alarm...)...

    The capital mistake is not to theorise when not in full possession of the facts, whatever dear Sherlock says, because one is *never* in *full* possession of the facts.

    The capital mistake is to theorise in the face of insufficient data *without* making allowance for the notion that one's theory may prove false.

    I assume that you are Archangel... but it really does not materially affect either my point of view or myself if you are not. Of course, since you're on record as saying that you don't personally think anybody "cares" about Archie's theft, it shouldn't matter to you either.