Saturday, 9 July 2011

DWE and HoO @ IFT + More Drama

DWE and Hands Of Omega have once again taken part in the IFT Sci-Fi Convention, and this time around DWE is one of the sponsors of the event which helps out Relay For Life :)

On the subject of IFT...the perennial drama merchants of the TARDIS sim have stooped lower than ever before.  Using the American Cancer Societys RFL event to stir up drama, by firstly breaking one of their main rules...

The above picture shows them saying they will give 15% of all sales to RFL.  Nice gesture, apart from the fact that it is against RFL's cardinal rule that they do NOT support split payments.  All payments via a vendor should be done via an approved RFL vendor or donation kiosk.

Secondly...i've heard from folks that the TARDIS booth folks are saying they are part of the Doctor Who RFL team...they aint.

Co-Incidence that they say they are a member of the Dr Who RFL team which comprises of Katrina, HoO, Who Island, Lewisonia and New Gallifrey...and then they put up a sign which breaks one of RFL's cardinal rules?

Using a charity event to stir up low and pathetic the owners of TARDIS have become.  I have already informed MamaP the lead of RFL about the split sign and ive informed the heads of IFT about it as well.  Fact of the matter is there was an open call sent to folks in the main Doctor Who group 3 months ago about wanting folks to join the Dr Who RFL team.  TARDIS didnt even bother...yet now they are using a charity to stir up drama?

Yeah...all you supporters of that sim...feeling happy now?   Your generous leader is not only trying to close the Dr Who RFL team, they are using a cancer charity to stir up drama.

EDIT...The Rules in plain Black and White so you brainwashed folks from TARDIS can understand it...

...and once again Crass Kassner covers up the fact that SHE was caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama and pins the blame on me, then whines in the Timelords Drama and VIP group.

TARDIS booth was caught saying to folks that TARDIS was in the Dr Who RFL Team.  TARDIS got caught breaking the RFL rules to them make the Dr Who RFL team look bad.  TARDIS got caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama, and now you wanna run to the BBC?  Here's the number... you want the "General Contact" number.  Ask for Mr John Thompson, head of Marketing and Products, i think he's still there unless he's been promoted to another division...he can do with a good laugh from a nut job on a phone.  Ya see Crassner, ya might be able to brainwash the folks visiting TARDIS.  However the BBC staffers who do enter SL already know a lot about this community, and the fact the split in this community was caused by YOU.  So go ahead and phone them...i hope ya do.

Also, all you folks defending Kassner even though the rules are in black and white and there are NO exceptions to those rules (ive reported 8 individuals breaking the rules, not including kassner) just shows me that you have no care, or respect for any sort of charity organisation's rules and even less respect for what the American Cancer Society does in SL.



  1. Well, I wish I could say I was *surprised* by that... but I suppose it's the next logical step on their brilliant marketing strategy. Quite how 'spew hate and venom over anyone in the SL community (you know, the ones who might actually *buy* from them...) who doesn't worship at the Idol's altar is supposed to improve their sales I'm not sure... but, then, I dare say I just don't understand marketing :D

  2. Victor, you disgrace me.
    Hundreds have now seen this pathetic blog post, it was posted in a group notice in the group called "TimeLords Club & Hangout VIP's". nearly 2000 people now know your a sick, two-faced shit.
    All you want is attention. No-one likes you anymore, go fall in a hole you lying fuck.

  3. Deleting comments is cowardly. if you are a TRUE person you accept that bad and good, you cannot just ignore one.


  4. victor nls arnt trying to close the team and cause trouble we are trying to raise money to help people you idiot

  5. Y'know, if they didn't give him the ammunition he wouldn't have anything to say...

  6. I see the yes-men are crawling out of the woodworks.

    I have only one thing to say to you.


    In case you haven't noticed, NL has been going with the smear campaign against DWE for at least a year now so don't give me any BS about NL somehow being above that kind of crap. So when NL blatantly breaks the rules by trying to increase sales by doing this kind of shameless emotional appeal, you're in no position to bitch when Vic here points a finger at them.

  7. takeshi fuck off as nls are not trying to get money out of this they are trying to raise money to help people who need it and nls want to be involved to make peoples lives better by raising money so takeshi go fuck off you cunt

  8. Well if they're not trying to get money out of this, why didn't they redirect 100% of the proceeds to RFL like they were supposed to!?

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  10. I note with some interest that I have received a communication from Kat Kassner within SL, claiming that she had the right to reply to my comments. I couldn't agree more, but since she's clearly aware of this piece wouldn't it be more appropriate for her to make such a reply - to the article itself - here?

  11. Since my previous comment was deleted:

    "Donations - Donations to activities and events seperate from sponsorship will provide no further considerations, promotions or incentives. At the conclusion of all activities and events, any remaining money must be donated to charity. This is so the organization may retain a zero balance as required to retain its 501(c)3 non-profit status."

    "Booth Prims:
    - 384 - Non-vendors & non-sponsors (Free)
    - 384 - Vendors & non-sponsors ($250 L or 10% of sales going to the charity.)
    - 500 - Sponsors ($16,000 L)"

    "While we understand and can appreciate the competitive and political nature of the various groups in the various science fiction communities around Second Life, our activities and events are not to be used as a soapbox to preach one's dislike of another. Gene Roddenberry did not like politics and co-founded IFT because he felt that other groups spent too much time campaigning and too liitle time towards the betterment of mankind. We also keep in mind that Gene Roddenberry's dream included unity, so we try to work as best as we can within the constraints provided to us and adapt accordingly. We may not do everything right the first time, but each time we hold an activity or event, it is usually better than the one before."

    The group you are accusing of violating the RFL rules have not, to anyone's knowledge claimed to be affiliated with RFL or with any Doctor Who RFL team. I suspect that is an accusation you pulled from thin air. But your stunt here and that notice you sent in world has violated Linden Labs' terms of use against harssment and defamation of an individual or group and you have been reported both to Linden labs and to convention administrators. Whatever grudge you have against another person or group should be dealt with on a personal basis or left alone altogether. That you have resorted to this act of obsenity to pursue a personal vendetta speaks volumes about your complete lack of character.

  12. How so? if you dont mind my asking?

  13. Adding to the stack of comments here is my thoughts.

    EVERYTIME there is some sort of event or somthing big happening there is ALWAYS a shit storm that persues, this is rediculous and NONE of us are innocent in this, we are ALL guilty.
    I really do not give a monkeys for the "he said / she said" crap that floats around and for the most part ignore it all but that is maybe why it still continues because its being ignored.

    Kat i have to say that Vic is right about the 100% of proceeds has to go to Relay For Life as clearly stated on their website there is no such thing as a profit split when it concerns RFL and rightully so, its for curing a very nasty desease i would not expect to give it ant sort of share
    This is why we created items specificly for that purpose.
    Now i know you have been claiming you are part of the Doctor Who In SL RFL team when you are not but that has been at your desgression really as you have not even mentioned the fact that you and your sim wanted to be part of the team, there hace been group notices etc etc and yet you have not spoke up.
    Maybe you should have spoke your mind weeks ago even months ago when it all came about, if you wanted in then you simply ask to join it REALLY IS that simple, you was not asked probably because simply put there have been issues previously between Katrina and Tardis but that seriously does not stop you asking to join.
    To be perfectly honest Victor said to me a few weeks ago that he was quite happy to have your sim on board with the RFL team and all you had to do was say you wanted in, now if that was me i personally would have told you where to get off but since Victor said this to me i did revaluate my stance on where we stand with you and afterall it is for Charity and a well deserved cause at that.
    So yes of course this does make me far worse than Vic at this point but my OWN personal opinion of you is that you are a manipulative, selfish person who only does things for her own means, this of course has had no influence from anyone else and purly my own opinion.
    As for all the stupid idle threats of going to the BBC, give it a bloody rest will you because if you was going to do this you would have done it already, no one wants to hear these threats and it in all honesty just shows how low you will go to get your own way.

    Everyone else that is posting comments of hate etc etc
    REALLY do you REALLY need to? i mean it is stupid and pointless and i do honestly think you have all kinda missed the point of what a blog is really, its is for people to post their thoughts and NOT to post hate comments.

    On that note Second Life is meant to be fun, why making it a bitching ground? give it a rest i am sure most of the people in the Who Comunnity do not want to hear it any longer.

    Back to the RFL thing, EVERYONE was and is welcome to join the team there was group notices etc etc, and this is open to you as well Kat as much as i think you are not deserving of you being in the team, i am more than willing to put my morals to one side for a VERY WORTHY CAUSE and one that really does deserver ALL the money that it can get to fight this disease, i have had family members die from it and it really should be cured.
    Relay For Life in SL is fantastic, if there was no RFL next year i would hope it would be because the cure has been found and that is what is being worked towards.
    Please all use the donation kiosks to donate to RFL every little helps no matter how small.

  14. Whether they claimed to be part of the team or not is irrelevant. The very fact that they set up a percentage (which is a documented fact) is against the spirit and rules of RFL. The reason being that percentages have the effect of boosting NLS's own sales by associating themselves with a charity. Remember that 85% of the increased profits go straight to NLS's coffers. That is immoral and despicable and no amount of spin will change that fact.

  15. Wolf (whoever you are) maybe you should show your true identity instead of hiding, allow me to point out the small fact that anything posted on a website can not be used as part of an Abuse Report maybe try reading the ToS properly?
    what people say and do outside of the services that Linden Lab provide can not be held accountable as they would then be trying to moderate the internet as a whole! and we all know that has fail written all over it, its been tried by a few companys and have all failed to date.

  16. I can only echo marinedalek. There is no way for RFL to control the submission of % of sales, hence THEIR decision to have dedicated kiosks. [Unethical people would then be able to collect and not even give to the charity... Or people of no integrity will profit off the charity instead of the full amount going to the those who really need the money.] Leaving the rest of the dialog out of it...that fact remains.

  17. No, i am purpleMayo, i commented as on this account, why would i then comment on as "Wolf" ?

  18. Oh and NOW im talking on behalf of NLV, TARDIS region have contacted RFL, and RFL are happy with the intention and conduct of the TARDIS region during IFT Scifi con 4. Anyone who has any further issue should take it up with the RFL.

    Dont believe me, take it up with them.

  19. Faith has never done anyone any good...

  20. and you are still arguing this point?
    THIS really does make you pathetic PurpleMayo, if you put as much money into RFL as you do talk crap then they would be closer to curing cancer than they are currently.

    WHAT IS THE POINT of carrying on and on with this?
    give it a bloody rest.

  21. Still deleting my comments I see. It is fine by me since I took screen shots. And no, I am not Mayo. Try another lie. This one has EPIC FAIL written all over it.

  22. wolf i do have to say if its just your comments being deleted then why have some of your comments already made it onto the blog?
    seriously do not talk crap, there are other comments that tell vic what they think of him.
    Maybe you should try entering the capture at the bottom when it asks and click the button as return does not work as i found out ;)

  23. I wasn't making a point for extending the argument, i was ending it. The primary basis for said argument are null and void.

  24. haha @ the last comment by PM. That is hilarious. Seriously, hilarious.

  25. What has EPIC FAIL written all over it?

    Your forehead?

  26. This was just posted to the IFT Sci-Fi Con... Please read your notecards people.

    "Donation Standards
    *There are specific standards/guidelines for approved Fair/Festival events. They can be obtained from the Event Chair or Co-Chair.

    All monies from RFL of SL fundraising events must go into the kiosks/vendors scripted to go the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account. Teams may NOT use their own tip jars/donation jars to collect money.

    The American Cancer Society does NOT participate in profit-sharing events that benefit more than one charity or business.

    Teams/individuals may NOT share a percentage of sales of any items.

    Teams/individuals may not earn a profit on events that are advertised as RFL of SL fundraisers.

    If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may NOT be advertised as a RFL of SL event.

    When collecting monies for the large events be it a booth purchase or any other reason, monies collected should immediately go into an AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY scripted kiosk.

    If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, tips or proceeds to RFL of SL, they may advertise that they support RFL of SL on signage in their establishment or venue and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk. They may NOT advertise that a percentage or portion goes to RFL of SL, nor that their sale is a RFL of SL event.

    If you list items to be sold on SLX or other online merchant sites, you should only use language that you are a Relay For Life of Second Life supporter. Do not list the item as a “RFL fundraiser.” Relay For Life of Second Life nor the American Cancer Society are responsible for items sold on SLX or other merchant sites."

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  28. RFLofSL 2011 Fundraising Guidelines posted to the IFT Con group.

    "Donation Standards
    *There are specific standards/guidelines for approved Fair/Festival events. They can be obtained from the Event Chair or Co-Chair.

    All monies from RFL of SL fundraising events must go into the kiosks/vendors scripted to go the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account. Teams may NOT use their own tip jars/donation jars to collect money.

    The American Cancer Society does NOT participate in profit-sharing events that benefit more than one charity or business.

    Teams/individuals may NOT share a percentage of sales of any items.

    Teams/individuals may not earn a profit on events that are advertised as RFL of SL fundraisers.

    If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may NOT be advertised as a RFL of SL event.

    When collecting monies for the large events be it a booth purchase or any other reason, monies collected should immediately go into an AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY scripted kiosk.

    If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, tips or proceeds to RFL of SL, they may advertise that they support RFL of SL on signage in their establishment or venue and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk. They may NOT advertise that a percentage or portion goes to RFL of SL, nor that their sale is a RFL of SL event.

    If you list items to be sold on SLX or other online merchant sites, you should only use language that you are a Relay For Life of Second Life supporter. Do not list the item as a “RFL fundraiser.” Relay For Life of Second Life nor the American Cancer Society are responsible for items sold on SLX or other merchant sites."

    Original blog's commentary about unethical behavior is correct.

  29. There are few times when my Sisters and Brothers at Tardis/New London disappoint me, not with their efforts at the Sci Fi Convention, I mean who could build an exact replica of the Maldovarium and who could not help but be impressed by it? No, that was not what disappointed me.

    Where they disappointed me was in their responses to this blog entry from someone who is evidently a self-appointed expert on all things having to do with the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. They disappointed me in that, in their quite understandable desire to defend Kat Kassner and Laredo Lowtide and the rest of the staff and members of the Tardis sim, they paid no attention to the masthead of this blog where it says “The Pointless Ramblings of Some Bloke from Second Life”, the keyword here being “pointless”.

    Pointless as in like "Why does he even bother with such drivel?" As in "Why, if his ramblings are pointless, does he feel the need to tell the world what a doofus he is?"

    As you can see above, I am a member of the Tardis/New London sim and a Staff member to boot and damnit I am proud to call a lot of those who hang out there my friends and when you pick on my friends wrongly I will have something to say about it.

    If the clown who wrote this blog took a second and realized that the Relay for Life issues GUIDELINES for donations as opposed to LAWS for donations and that they will take any donations sent their way, that maybe if he had taken a second and, instead of getting on his high horse and riding about the land in righteous indignation blathering about how the Tardis crew were causing drama when the only drama being caused was but this clown, and he approached Kat and Laredo and let them know that maybe they were going about things wrong, they would have listened and there'd be no pissing match on the blog today.

    But no, Victor1st Moronington, the Clown Prince of Katrina, and his minions have had their tittering little laugh and, in the end, have accomplished nothing more than showing the Doctor Who Community what a bunch of sniveling, whiney little bastards they are.

    You want drama boys – bring it on!

  30. Sniveling, whiney bastards?

    Sounds like New London to me.

  31. /me munches popcorn and enjoys the show.

  32. Jayne, that's all fine and well, but going against the RFL guidelines is still going against them... The following is from the notecard sent to the IFT Con group about RFL donations; the standards have clearly been broken.

    "Donation Standards
    *There are specific standards/guidelines for approved Fair/Festival events. They can be obtained from the Event Chair or Co-Chair.

    All monies from RFL of SL fundraising events must go into the kiosks/vendors scripted to go the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Account. Teams may NOT use their own tip jars/donation jars to collect money.

    The American Cancer Society does NOT participate in profit-sharing events that benefit more than one charity or business.

    Teams/individuals may NOT share a percentage of sales of any items.

    Teams/individuals may not earn a profit on events that are advertised as RFL of SL fundraisers.

    If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may NOT be advertised as a RFL of SL event.

    When collecting monies for the large events be it a booth purchase or any other reason, monies collected should immediately go into an AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY scripted kiosk.

    If an individual would like to donate a portion of their store sales, tips or proceeds to RFL of SL, they may advertise that they support RFL of SL on signage in their establishment or venue and drop any monies they choose into a kiosk. They may NOT advertise that a percentage or portion goes to RFL of SL, nor that their sale is a RFL of SL event.

    If you list items to be sold on SLX or other online merchant sites, you should only use language that you are a Relay For Life of Second Life supporter. Do not list the item as a “RFL fundraiser.” Relay For Life of Second Life nor the American Cancer Society are responsible for items sold on SLX or other merchant sites."

  33. I think Icie summed it up quite well with the notecard being posted here, so Jayne that meaningless drivel that you bang on about does actually have a point in this matter!
    so i suggest before you start posting snide remarks against people then maybe next time get your facts straight BEFORE you post on somones personal blog.
    and as i have previously stated if Kat wanted in on the RFL team then all she has to do is ask it really is that simple but with her being far to pig headed to do such a thing we both know that will not happen.
    To be perfectly honest i am completly bored with reading the shite that comes from you New Londond halfwits on this blog now so do yourselves a favour and crawl back under that rock you came from and give it a rest already, this blog is Vics own personal blog for his ramblings IT IS NOT for morons to come on and start hate campaigns against him, does any of us do that to your blogs? er no and why is that? because we really do not care for what drivel you have to say.

  34. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. The really sad thing about all this is that it highlights the tragic element about this feud in our community.

    For what's now getting on for years, New London's residents (Who are, I'm quite certain, in most cases perfectly decent human beings... just as most of the rest of us are as well) have been given this very persuasive, very sad tale about how TARDIS sim is picked on and abused by Katrina in general and Victor in particular, about how there's some organised hate campaign against TARDIS' owner in the fandom, how she's ostracised because she's a) a woman in a male dominated community, b) a threat, with her simple, friendly sim dedicated to having fun to the Big Evil Commercial Combine that is (apparently) Katrina...and how it's through no fault of New London's own, how New London would *love* to co-operate with the rest of the community, but how, if they're attacked, they *will* defend themselves....

    Of course, the residents of New London are inclined to hear this tale and be incensed by Katrina's treatment of its 'rival'... leading to the idiotic heckling by some immature members of the NL community at the SL8B panel, and to the disgraceful and vitriolic postings on this blog...

    There's only one problem. The accusations pouring out of the heart of New London about Katrina and Victor's behaviour are complete and total BULLSHIT.

    Victor is not some black-hatted moustachioed villain intent on doing down any rival to Katrina in the Doctor Who SL world. I've seen a considerable number of social gatherings where Vic has been in the company of the administrative team of Who Island, for instance, and Paradox Isle... and... you know, I don't seem to recall any blood being spilled. (Well, except for that one time, and I'm sure Thumper's very sorry....) I'm not sure that his counterpart in New London ever even deigns to visit the events of other members of the community...

    The Doctor Who Expo is part of a *community* of sims in SL. That community is what makes each sim strong, what *feeds* it. TARDIS would have been a very welcome addition to this community- I say 'would have been', because I'm afraid the door's been open for a long time, if certain people had been able to bring themselves to see it... but I think it's closing now, and sadly with every disgraceful act committed *by* the NL team, or committed in their name, the words "New London" become ever more unwelcome in the eyes of more and more people in the Doctor Who community.

    Harbouring of copybotters, game-whoring of search, spreading slanders and lies amongst newcomers to the grid,( I'm perfectly prepared to believe that the infants who decided to spend SL8B's event chanting "But why wasn't Kat Kassner invited" did *not* do so at her instruction or suggestion... but they certainly did so at the tacit *incitement* of New London's hate campaign...) the vilification of those who disagree with the Idol, the vicious snake-like turning on anybody, friend or neutral, who dares to disagree with the Gospel... all these things are reasons why, unfortunately, the paranoid claims she has been entertaining the community with for years are now becoming the truth.

    She's fulfilled her own prophecy, and seems utterly unable to see outside her own little bubble enough to realise that, a year ago her sim was popular, and she was surrounded by friends. Now, however, "New London" is increasingly regarded as an expletive, its products despised, the behaviour of some of its staff deeply questionable, and its actions frequently- never more than in this case- a disgrace to the entire Who Community.

    Nobody else wrought this. Nobody expects anything better from them now. I do, though, honestly and truly, because that sim *was* once a fun part of the Who community, wish that just maybe, those in charge could let their defensiveness slip for a very little while and *think* about it.

  36. I guess we will see, When mesh comes into play, one of the SL who fathers was interested and i am almost positive he will come to see.

  37. Mayo what on earth are you talking about?
    what does "Mesh" and "one of the SL Who Fathers" have to do with this in the slightest?
    You should probably think about what your typing and at least write it to make some sort of sense.

  38. OK - this is the last word on the subject - because I said so. I don't know when this idiocy started between New London and Katrina and I don't care, but I am tired of it.

    In my experience, and it's only my experience that I speak of, the only attacks have come from the Katrina side of things - I'm not saying that is the absolute truth, just my experience.

    There's no reason for any of it - none. Victor1st does nothing for his case by blabbing like some pompous ass about who is breaking what rules and Kat could probably do better on her side of things.

    What got me about this was Vic's need to "out" New London for having broken some sacred rule as far as raising charity funds for Race for Life. It just seemed trite and petty. IIf he had a problem he should have brought it to the attention to the RFL folks and left it at that.

    As for copy-botting (whatever that is), if that actually happened in an un-accidental way - then that person needs to be sent off out of New London.

    The basic problem here folks is that people get all bent out of shape over things that JUST DON'T MATTER - you all act - and this is addressed to both sides - like a bunch of hysterical little girls- knock it off and knock it off now.

    If the realm of the Dr Who Universe in SL remains the dominion of the total geeks who care about copybots and other silliness like that - it will end and you'll have nothing but your own anal retentive arses to blame for it.

    No response needed to this - 'nuff said.

  39. "the only attacks have come from the Katrina side of things"

    Only goes to show you know nothing. Maybe you should hang out in Katrina more, find out exactly what kind of rotten antics NL is actually up to that they tell you nothing about!

  40. OR you could of read the next sentence? she clearly stated to her understanding it is, i am sure to those of Katrina they see the same as TARDIS being the attacking force, in War both sides have propaganda. simple as the truth is distorted by your view from what side you reside on. I stay in TARDIS the majority of the time, but i pop to Katrina and hang around for a bit, i dont cause hassle i greet people who come in chat range with an hey, not had much of a conversation with anyone (most likely to be being staff at New London)But i was around when Katrina opened, i prefure New London as a personal choice, not on owner preference, but because i just like the sim. And i like the owners too, dont get me wrong, i knew the Owners of Katrina far before those of TARDIS, im no newbie to the SL Doctor who community.

    Just giving my OWN view. not attacking anyone. Personally, i'd like to stop this silly thing and just both end on the same level OR to stop slander and attacks.

  41. haha Jayne is cute. The copybotter is bad but not honoring guidelines of a cancer charity is a-ok. Classic.

    Who Island/WITS getting completely blackballed by TARDIS sim owners because Victor showed up at Whofest after-party on Who Island demonstrates they are quite capable of starting and talking shit. Who Island requested to stay neutral and wasn't even given that opportunity. It fucking sucked. I wouldn't have even mentioned this but Kat confirmed this on her blog openly, "We do not associate with anything connected to Victor1st Mornington or his associates, good cause or not, for reasons very clearly demonstrated by his behaviour during the IFT SciFi con 4 (see previous post.)" This is NO reason to hurt an entire sim who wanted to simply be a part of a collective. TARDIS is the only whovian sim that doesn't want to be connected with Who Island and now everyone knows why...

  42. This comment has been removed by the author.

  43. If Kat wants to do something productive, someone needs to advise her to stop sending her goons to spew their mindless propaganda in Vic's blog and come and confront him herself, and also turn the fucking comments on in her OWN blog, which as far as I can see, is FAR worse in content than Vic's.

    And what makes her blog even more ironic is that it promotes the "Fans Against Intolerance" group which claims to oppose "using blogs to defame individuals and groups" or something in that direction - which is exactly what she's doing herself in her own blog!

    Kat clearly thinks she's special and unique and her own rules don't apply to her...but she's clearly about as special and unique as Bella from fucking Twilight.

  44. It's also quite convenient of Kat to keep her comments section closed.

    Kat, 1) You expect us to believe your comments about Who Island when you wouldn't so much as give us a reason at the time...but were quite easy to tell us to stay away from Victor. (Which I might add has never imposed his will on us.)

    2) We were overly appreciative of the support you gave us. As we acknowledged it time and time again and offered our services in anyway we could. We were practically licking your ass, Kat. To act as though this wasn't the case is confusing at best. [The one service we would not provide was to "pick sides".]

    3) You were invited to discuss the hunt and told about it May 2010. You were told of the hunt's date on May 23, 1010. You had plenty of time to settle on a different date for Whofest or ask us to move the hunt to a different time. The hunt's intention was always to boost traffic, NOT steal traffic. Which in planning and setting a date for the hunt, we had no idea when Whofest was going to be...but you were always in the loop on what we were planning.

    4) If you truly did do this in spite of our decision to remain neutral, I guess the more adult thing to do was to talk shit about us and our product openly in your group instead of coming to us with your concerns. Instead of mentoring us or being honest with us. Do you really think we wouldn't have bent over backward to remedy any concerns you had on your "take-take" accusation. Rhetorical because we did just about anything you asked...

    Kat, your attitude continues to be childlike in it's megalomania.

  45. Blue team are whiney little babies. Waa Waa!
    (Blue team = Kassner Kronies)

  46. I'm actually shocked.
    Yesterday, when I got home from work and logged in, I was greeted by an offline IM informing me that La Kassner had decided to launch an attack against me on her blog- presumably as a response to my comments here...

    On the actual "attack"- if you can call it that, I've experienced more painful nettle stings- I don't plan on commenting in *that* much detail, since this is Victor's blog, not my own or Kassner's.
    I will however say that it is doubly unfortunate that it appears to have now been removed from her blog, and the first reason it's unfortunate is that it was a rather amusing little read- I was charmed by her historical revisionism, and quite tickled by her truly original justification for content theft... she should let Archie borrow that one next time he needs it... oh, wait, I forgot, he'd probably just copy it if he wanted it anyway, he does that.

    The second reason it's unfortunate that the post is gone is rather more serious, however, since I did make sure a number of people saw it, not critical... although it does mean that neither I *nor* Kassner can now prove a rather important element of timing.

    The night *before* this post, in the Doctor Who general chat group, in Second Life, as many commentators and readers of this blog and comments will be aware, we were subjected to a very immature visitation by a spam-griefer by the name of Pirate Weirdo (many of you may remember). Mr or Mrs P.W. thought it amusing to chant repeatedly that Katrina was closing down, to make various rather tedious allegations in respect of an anti-Katrina smear campaign about pornography... and to give voice to various abusive remarks and/or threats against members of Katrina's staff, or other people who challenged him/her/it.

    One of those individuals was me. Now, I found this rather more infantile than offensive, since, as I think we've all agreed, these frequent visitations by idiots are too juvenile to be deliberately arranged by New London's staff and owners themselves... mostly, we've taken the view (I stated as much myself, earlier in these blog comments), that Kassner is only *indirectly* responsible, because the hate and bile she insists on indiscriminately peddling gives these spam-morons their incitement and their material....

    So far, so same old.

    *Except* that one comment he directed at me was (words to the effect of) "Rowan! You're not going to like what we're going to do to you..." - I apologise I may well be paraphrasing, the incident didn't stick in my mind at the time- and this comment was made some time *before* Kat's blog post about me.

    So... that rather suggests to me that this person was someone in Kassner's confidence.

    I would hope not a member of New London staff- some of those are people for whom I have respect, and i wouldn't want to believe it of them- but somebody close to her, *not* just some random kiddie looking for a trolling excuse.
    She should, at the least, be aware of who was responsible, which means, if it happens again, then she is most definitely directly complicit in sending spam-griefers into other people's groups.

    Congratulations, Kat Kassner. What with this and the tissue of self-congratulatory lies involved in your assault on Who Island, you've now pretty much shown us that you're capable even of limbo-dancing *under* the extremely low standards that we thought you had.

  47. I'm *always* going to despise you, and you're always going to despise me. That's irrelevent. It's unfortunate that the fact that I was able to happily walk away from your sim (and I did walk away, incidentally, screaming "You're fired!" at someone's backside as they walk out of the building with the contents of their locker is a little... superfluous and childish at the least) with no loss to my personal enjoyment of SL seemingly causes you *so* much butthurt... but, again, SL is perfectly easily a big enough place for this to be completely trivial, in the larger scheme of things. However....

    You have consistently lied to, slandered, and time and time again tried to abuse and divide the members of this community. Your constant and hypocritical efforts at self-justification have turned friends against friends, lessened this community, and near-utterly destroyed your own standing within this community.

    Your response to this being called upon? To found a so-called anti-intolerance group and accuse anyone who calls you on it of bullying.

    Bullying? Who Island adopts a stance of *neutrality* in your feud, and you affect to despise them immediately. Katrina and the Doctor Who group happen to be co-owned by someone you dislike, and you directly or indirectly co-operate in the generation of hate-spam towards them. You and I have a personal disagreement which is ancient history. That we both aired certain elements of it on public blogs is one thing, and fair enough... that you saw fit to- at the *least* - apparently gloat about your bizarre and half-hearted attack to assorted third parties before hand- *assuming* you didn't directly instruct those "threats" to be made- is rather something else again.

    Do you actually have a single thing to bring to this community except hate?

  48. The only lies on display here are by Victor1st and his suckups. FACT: Vendors were asked to donate a portion of their sales, at least 10%, to RFL during the convention. Nice of Mornington to keep deleting comments stating this. FACT 2: not even ONCE has Mornington dared mention the names of these "Tardis folks" who supposedly claimed to be RFL team members. That is because there are none, he made them up just like he made up the lies he put in this disgusting blog entry. FACT 3: that troll that posted in Morningtons group chat was probably an alt created solely for the purpose of trying to make the Tardis region look bad. Notice how this "newb" was allowed to continue posting in the group chat for a length of time spewing stuff.

    This is jeuvenile dishonest tripe Mornington and his hangers on are posting just so they can get there jollies by smearing a group they dont like at the expense of a cancer charity. Do I need to remind you depraved savages that we lost Elizabeth Sladen to cancer this year and that your abuse of a cancer charity to wage your pathetic little war against a more successful region is a slap in the face to her memory, along with the memory of every other person who has suffered and/or died from cancer? But I guess your not human enough to care about any of that.

  49. FACT 1 Rebuttal: "If 100% of the proceeds are not going to AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY, the event may NOT be advertised as a RFL of SL event." No one was asked to break any RFL guidelines. That 10% would go directly to a kiosk without associated advertising.

    FACT 2: No comment. I was no present for this.

    FACT 3 Rebuttal: Said troll knew Rowan was going to be banned from TARDIS by letting her know she wouldn't be happy about what "they were going to do to her". I am a witness to this. How or why would anyone other than someone close to Kat or her team know this. (Rhetorical)

    Your Elizabeth Sladen commentary is moot. None of the other Whovian sims used RFL to boost their profits. Since no one is allowed to advertise on behalf of RFL if 100% of the proceeds were not going to RFL, it further to proves your own comments should be aimed at NLS. Feel free to re-read the donation standards for RFL in SL.

    Happy Evening.

  50. Okay, before this gets too much further out of hand... I am the chairman of the convention, Anthony Haslage of The Federation.

    The only problem here is that the other group was not aware they could not promote if they were splitting profits. Advertising you are doing so is a no-no, actually doing it falls into a gray area. The American Cancer Society is not going to return a donation because someone split their profits.

    The convention, a legitimate Relay for Life fundraiser promoted by the ACS, gave the option of splitting profits to groups in lieu of the entry fee. Only four groups accepted the offer.

    As a result of a conversation with the ACS on Tuesday night, we will no longer continue to offer splitting proceeds in lieu of an entry fee. However, if groups still want to split proceeds from sales and not advertise it, that is their right and not against ACS policy. This is the gray area.

  51. Smirky McStumbletongue, we don't need Mr. Mornington to make the TARDIS region look bad.

    They're perfectly capable of doing that themselves. :)

  52. I will say this ONCE AGAIN, this is VIC's personal blog and this gives all of you NO rights to start a hate campaign against him on it.
    This is getting REALLY old now so give it a bloody rest already, i think a week of this bullshit is long enough now.
    I am advising Vic to email to release all your IP address to him so he can report you all to your ISP's for obscene, hateful, harassing behaviour.
    Or ask them to report this abuse to your ISP's
    at the very least this will cause you to receive an email from your respective ISP's issuing you all a cease and desist warning.

    I am also going to ask vic if he would like me to host his blog on my webhost because at the very least i can track your IP address and report you all to your ISP's for the above mentioned.
    Not to mention that will also deter some of you from even actually posting a response knowing that i can track your IP addresses.

    Now really call it a day on this and let it fall off the blog like it should.

  53. Thank you Anthony!

    Ignorance is bliss.

  54. @ Nodster:

    Aw, didums start something you couldn't finish? Are your widdle feewings HURT because you chose to spread lies in order to viciously attack a rival group and no one outside your widdle circle jerk is buying it? Tough. You started this nonsense, you deal with the consequences. Blogspot will tell you the same thing they tell others when they complain about you: grow up and deal with it. Anthony Haslage just handed you liars your butts on a platter, and you know it. So you know what you can do with your empty threats.

  55. Firstly, Anthony, thank you for the clarification. We hope you appreciate that throughout this unfortunate business *nobody* (I sincerely hope) has intentionally sought to defame or bring into disrepute the excellent work of RFL the charity, or of the IFT convention.

    Sadly, that's the pleasant part over.
    After 47 odd comments of debate, that seemed to pretty much reduce the normally indefatigable Trolls to repeated chants of Katlove, followed by Kassner's entirely unbelievable assertion of having stepped away from things... this "Smirky McStumbletongue" steps on the scene.
    I think we can assume Kassner to be seriously rattled to have pulled him away from his normal role as her personal hygiene consultant...
    Somewhat more eloquent than his fellows, exudes smugness to the hilt, obviously considers himself a political wordsmith and a PR genius, peculiarly fixated on SL Traffic and green-dot-counting,very keen on promoting the moral high ground... and yet prepared in an instant to sacrifice any principle or trace of ethics if Mistress wishes it... to say nothing of the writing style and the smugly [in your probable opinion post-modernly-ironic] "Look at me I'm shallow but good with words" name you chose for this cowardly alt-account...

    Hello again Laredo, I'm sorry, I can't say it's a pleasure, because this is when this debate stops being even remotely fun.

    You seriously saw fit to use the name of a victim of cancer - the regard she's held in within this fandom is totally irrelevent to the point - to score a point in a pettifogging little internet dispute, just because you were that desperate to have your precious SL business-sim's reputation come out of this better off?

    Did you really want to win this flame war that badly? Just... piss off.
    If you lot want to prance around New London now, boasting about how you won this argument... then fine, because with your first post today you just lost your right for *anyone* to give even the remotest trace of a shit what your opinion is about *anything*.
    I'm not longer interested in convincing you you're wrong, in trying to persuade any of you to grow up, or in trying to talk you idiots *back* from the corner you've backed yourselves into.

    Go back to your rancid little cesspit, please, and count your green dots. Kindly don't come out again.

  56. @Smirky McStumbletongue WOW that was a tad childish really.
    I really do not give a monkeys what blog spot do to this account as this is not where i host a blog so why would i care?
    I do think you are reading far to much into the post by Anthony Haslage somewhat how exactly is that a slap on the wrist? actually do not reply I do not care what you have to say any ways.
    They were not "threats" as you so eloquently put it, I am merely stating that this really is quite pointless now and is harassment on your parts.
    I REALLY do NOT understand why you are all so obsessed with bloody traffic, someone let me in on this secret because to my knowledge it has actually meant bugger all for a rather long time now.
    Maybe you should look up the history of Second Life and find out WHY traffic was important back in the first 2 - 3 years of Second Life but now it does mean squat, sorry to burst that bubble of yours.
    Trust me on this, Vic is by far tame compared to the shit storms I can start and come out unscathed been there done that got bored of it as I am bored of all the bullshit replies from you NL lot on someone PERSONAL blog and their thoughts only.
    (that was by no means a threat and of course anything you read into that is purely your own poor assumption of such)
    now go away you pathetic lonely little boy go get mummy to breast feed you or something.

  57. @Smirky McStumbletongue, Sorry I take that back the last bit back.
    Quote: "now go away you pathetic lonely little boy go get mummy to breast feed you or something."
    that was me lowering myself to your level and for that I do apologise in no way should i stoop to your level of blatant vial attacks on people like you have done I am far better than to attack people like that.

  58. @ Nodster You lower yourself with every letter you belch out. Now you are whining b/c now all of a sudden getting your kicks attacking another region isn't so much fun anymore with the convention chair exposing you for the liars you are. It is LOL funny that Victor1st complains that others do not allow comments and invites them to post here but the second people do you whine that you are being unfairly attacked. If you can't stand the heat get out of the furnace.

  59. @Smirky McStumbletongue how low can you go, how low can you go, you get the idea of that song heh.
    trust me you and your petty little group could not get to me with all the vial abusive words you can think up.
    I am mealy stating that this has now gone on for a week and really is quite pointless on your parts, are your lives really that meaningless you have to settle for personal attacks?
    If you were all as holy as you claim to be I am quite sure you would have moved on about 30 seconds after reading the post to start with but that does not seem to be the case in my opinion.
    Why are you hiding behind a name that no one knows? I mean really are you that scared of what people will think of you if you showed your true identity?
    seems to me you lot really are not brave enough to show your real SL usernames, why hide behind a mask?
    On the plus side while your busy attacking me you are not attacking Victor so it does of course look like my plan worked heh
    At no point was I whining what I done was state facts and that this really is pointless now.

    Come on get brave unmask yourself show your true identity so everyone can see how petty you are being.

  60. I do find it rather amusing that Her Ladyship, in her deleted post about me, thought it was clever to snidely imply that I was 'hiding' by just using the name 'Rowan' here... Gosh, what a tremendously clever disguise *that* was... and now we have the New London sanitation droid here hiding behind a complete, and, obviously, unguessable pseudonym.

    However... that said, Laredo's most recent post appears to be written in a rather different writing style. In his first disgraceful set of comments I called him 'eloquent', but his last rant was bordering on the inarticulate. Getting annoyed, perhaps, Lowtide, or has Mistress required your tongue returned to its customary job?

    In any case, it borders on extreme disrespect to take Anthony's comments, which were plainly a disinterested observer's efforts to *calm* this storm, and twist them to support your own thesis. The *promotion* of split-profit vendors using the RFL banner and name is not permissable, and that is what Victor was initially criticising New London Cystems for.

    Nobody has ever objected to your company giving a portion of its profits to a charity, nobody is ever going to do so. Kindly let's keep this fight *away* from dragging RFL or the organisers of the IFT convention into association with disrepute, please.

  61. @ Nodster, Why are you so keen to know my identity? Why dont you tell us who YOU are instead of hiding behind a persona? Oh yeah, b/c your a coward w/ shameless double standards. I dont need to hide behind anyone I speak for myself as someone who found this blog by chance. I get a huge laugh out of pointing out the hypocrisy of trolls like you. Its not nice when the tables are turned is it Nodster? You who attack others anonymously online only to whine when it is thrown back @ you like the pathetic little baby you really are. LOL Go back in your little basement where you live w/ mommy & daddy and cry some more about how us "mean" people mistreat you, whaaaaaaa! Dont start it if you cant finish it.

  62. @Smirky McStumbletongue. I think you may have misunderstood my post so allow me to iterate for you.
    When I said who are you, show your true identity i did mean who are you in Second Life, I don't care who you are in the real world, As for me I am who I say I am this is my SL identity.
    I seriously doubt you found this blog by chance and the way you are going on with such abuse that makes you the Troll.
    There is only one tiny tiny issue with the whole basement theory you have going on there and that would be that I would need to have a basement to begin with.
    Now you have said on several occasions now "Dont start it if you cant finish it" there is only one way to finish it as I see it and that is to just not reply, that really is the only way so by all means feel free to "finish it" but as of right now you amuse me and I know I am making your blood boil because you would not be chucking the insults so freely otherwise would you now :D
    So come on who are you in SL not your real identity.
    If you are Laredo Lowtide like other posts mention, you should grow a pair and say so.

  63. Well, *that* would be a first...

  64. Rowan, here here to your last to paragraphs! Those who do not see it aren't thinking rationally.

  65. @ Nodster LOL I just found this blog on a random blog hop and could not stop laughing @ the hilarity! The fact that you think the only ones that read this are the ones that you attack says alot about your low selfesteem. What did you think would happen when you losers post a blog on teh google that noone would ever read it but yourselves? Did you think when you bragged about opening yourselves to comments from readers that all would bow down and kiss your behinds specially when this Anthony Haslage just handed you your asses? Talk about losers you start shit dont complain when you get it back go cry me a river from mommy & daddys basement.

  66. Wow... Some of you are out for blood.

    Nodster, was your threat of reporting everyone to their IPs a blanket statement including me or excluding me? False allegations usually backfire and open individuals up to civil lawsuits for defamation of character. Tread lightly. By the way, I use my real name because I represent a real 501(c)3 organization.

    All of you... You shame the Doctor Who philosophy with this arguing. Yes, Vic should have never posted such an inflammatory blog, but the freedom of speech protects him. What should have happened was a civil conversation from one to another about the sign violation or in the least a direct comment made to me so I could handle the situation. This all is rather immature.

    The meeting I had with the American Cancer Society had two parts. The least of it was the two parties involved in this matter contacting the ACS directly. This argument is a rather small fish when we have a team of at least eight individuals circumventing Second Life programming to destroy the works of others, rezz adult imagery on convention grounds and then threatening to attack certain groups home islands.

    With that said, IFT does offer mediation to group leaders who request it. I have the feeling whatever is really going on here has less to do with jealousy or greed and more with some misunderstanding of how each group operates. I am willing to help both group leaders sort things out.

  67. @Smirky McStumbletongue Ok you win claim that as a notch against your bed post, i will go back to my gaming in the basement (if i owned one).
    You are actually boring me now so do not expect a reply beyond this.

  68. Thank you Mister Halsage - the original post on this blog should have NEVER have happened - the feud between New London (TARDIS) and Katrina is a long standing one over stuff that is - quite frankly - stupid and childish, mostly, from my experience, from the Katrina side of things due, again from my experience, to the fact that while they are a very good Dr Who sim based on real life Cardiff, they just don't draw the same traffic as New London.

    The stupidity HAS to stop - on both sides - this has almost gotten to the "A Pox On Both Your Houses" stage as far as I'm concerned.

    As seen above (probably 42 posts above this one) I 1st stated that what happened was a well intentioned mistake on the part of Kat and Laredo of New London, but because Victor had a snit it got blown all out of proportion we had a war of words that went on for far too long.

    Take heed those of you who ran to Victor's defense, take a moment a see what the situation he bitches about is first before taking up the banner of Victor and begin trashing whoever he decides to be pissed at. You were VERY wrong in this case, you'll most likely be wrong in the future - and trust me, if Kat and Laredo and any New Londoners do anything that is truly wrong - I'll be in their ass too, rest assured.


  69. It's nice to hear you admit that the stupidity needs to stop on both sides, but you STILL make it sound like it's all Katrina's fault.

    How about you stop flaunting your ignorance around and actually listen to BOTH sides? In fact, my latest blog post details some of the stunts NL has pulled off in the past and it probably doesn't cover even half of them, like how NL shortchanged Who Island as well for some insanely childish reason.

  70. I did issue a request for mediation between Vic and Kay. None have replied.