Saturday, 30 July 2011


Mesh is enabled in Katrina!

...and Kea has imported her Delorean!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin

The finished Irish bar in Brunel Hall Hotel!

Stupid + Stupid = Massive FUN!


During IFT i made a blog post about "the other lot".  The blog post got some copybotter called Archangel Mortenwold whining in his blog..

It is common knowledge that Archangel has 'held over' his company to a new person called Raife Resident.  I bumped into him a few times in IFT and he seemed to be a nice enough fella.  Although recently in the final IFT booth owners meeting held last week the same Raife suddenly turned into Archangel "I got caught copybotting and im butt-hurt about it" Mortenwold by spewing all sorts of garbage about 'off world blogs inciting drama'.

Today, someone mentioned to me that Archangel posted on his blog ranting and raving about how bad I am and included a screenshot which was taken from HIS computer desktop while HE was looking at the blog...remember, this is Archangel looking at the blog...and remember, according to Arch, this Raife fella is a totally seperate from Arch...who got caught copybotting...

My blog was opened up inside Archangels veiwer...or so you think...enlarge the picture, look at the top left, its not Arch's name...


So...Archangel makes an alt...called Raife...cause Arch got caught copybotting and his name is worth less than the moudly peice of chewing gum ya see trampled on the pavement.  Raife is Archangel's attempt at transferring whats left of his company to a "new person" who doesnt have the tag of copybotter over his head.

However...Archangel aint the brightest bulb in the pack and takes a snapshot from his computer looking at my blog on his viewer...while logged in as the new person who has nothing to do with Raife...

Stupid + Stupid = MASSIVE FUN!

Here's a link to Mr Copybots blog...ya can clearly see at the bottom it was posted by Arch The Copybotter himself and not Raife...although they are one in the same person...

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hands of Omega 5th Anniversary

All of this week the Hands of Omega 5th Anniversary celebrations was taking place in Thunder Cafe, Lewisonia, Katrina, Who Island and New Gallifrey.  With panels and parties it was a week long celebration of the oldest Dr Who producing company in Second Life and one of the oldest continously running Sci-Fi company in SL.

Treet.TV (the folks who hosted the Dr Who Panel in SL8B) also interviewed Sen Pixie about his company as well :)

Included is pictures from the wrap up party, held at The Doctor Who Expo sim.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

RFL Is Over

Well, not really "over" technically the fundraising doesn't stop this season until the end of August but the main Relay event finished last Sunday at 10am.

New Babbage (the RFL team i was in for the last two years) again scooped up a load of build awards which is to be expected cause their builds was...well..fantastic. 

As for the Dr Who Fans of SL, our first year went great, made a lot of friends and showed a lot of folks that the Dr Who community in SL is alive and vibrant.  The campsite was regularly staffed by folks from Who Island, Katrina and Lewisonia almost all the way through the 24 hour relay.

Next year...we're gonna go bigger...much...much bigger.

I'd like to thank everyone from the community who showed up to say hi, and to everyone who donated and attended our events.  In total Dr Who RFL raised just under 150,000LS which put us in Silver and more than half way up the team charts...

Looking forward to Relay For Life 2012!

Friday, 15 July 2011

When the going gets tough...

...trolls and drama stirrers run out of propaganda, they say they are "leaving" in order to gain sympathy from their most devout followers.  They then announce on their site a few days later that they are not leaving "in order to support the community" and they get praised as a champion of the community ...etc ....etc...

Seen it, read the t-shirt...watched countless trolls and drama merchants in the Star Trek gaming community pull that exact same stunt.  To give them their credit though, they did leave in the end, but it was a long drawn out process of leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back until it got to the stage where people realized they was simply taking the mickey.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and unlike Crassner who has comments switched off on her blog cause she cant handle the truth and people standing up to her, I leave comments switched on.  It actually does me a favor seeing all the TARDIS folks idiotic comments in this blog, its lets the other members of the community know to stay the hell away from you all.

Doctor Who fans of SL - The RFL Campsite

Nodster once more done amazing work with this scratch build for the Doctor Who fans of SL RFL campsite.

The site will be the base and meeting place for the Dr Who fans who will be running the track of the Relay for Life of Second Life event which will be kicking off with the Caregivers and Survivors honor lap at 10am this Saturday.  The team itself is comprised of folks from Who Island, Katrina, Lewisonia and New Gallifrey/Hands of Omega.

I'll be DJ'ing for an hour over T1 Radio, the official track event radio station at 6pm SLT on Saturday :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

DWE and HoO @ IFT + More Drama

DWE and Hands Of Omega have once again taken part in the IFT Sci-Fi Convention, and this time around DWE is one of the sponsors of the event which helps out Relay For Life :)

On the subject of IFT...the perennial drama merchants of the TARDIS sim have stooped lower than ever before.  Using the American Cancer Societys RFL event to stir up drama, by firstly breaking one of their main rules...

The above picture shows them saying they will give 15% of all sales to RFL.  Nice gesture, apart from the fact that it is against RFL's cardinal rule that they do NOT support split payments.  All payments via a vendor should be done via an approved RFL vendor or donation kiosk.

Secondly...i've heard from folks that the TARDIS booth folks are saying they are part of the Doctor Who RFL team...they aint.

Co-Incidence that they say they are a member of the Dr Who RFL team which comprises of Katrina, HoO, Who Island, Lewisonia and New Gallifrey...and then they put up a sign which breaks one of RFL's cardinal rules?

Using a charity event to stir up low and pathetic the owners of TARDIS have become.  I have already informed MamaP the lead of RFL about the split sign and ive informed the heads of IFT about it as well.  Fact of the matter is there was an open call sent to folks in the main Doctor Who group 3 months ago about wanting folks to join the Dr Who RFL team.  TARDIS didnt even bother...yet now they are using a charity to stir up drama?

Yeah...all you supporters of that sim...feeling happy now?   Your generous leader is not only trying to close the Dr Who RFL team, they are using a cancer charity to stir up drama.

EDIT...The Rules in plain Black and White so you brainwashed folks from TARDIS can understand it...

...and once again Crass Kassner covers up the fact that SHE was caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama and pins the blame on me, then whines in the Timelords Drama and VIP group.

TARDIS booth was caught saying to folks that TARDIS was in the Dr Who RFL Team.  TARDIS got caught breaking the RFL rules to them make the Dr Who RFL team look bad.  TARDIS got caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama, and now you wanna run to the BBC?  Here's the number... you want the "General Contact" number.  Ask for Mr John Thompson, head of Marketing and Products, i think he's still there unless he's been promoted to another division...he can do with a good laugh from a nut job on a phone.  Ya see Crassner, ya might be able to brainwash the folks visiting TARDIS.  However the BBC staffers who do enter SL already know a lot about this community, and the fact the split in this community was caused by YOU.  So go ahead and phone them...i hope ya do.

Also, all you folks defending Kassner even though the rules are in black and white and there are NO exceptions to those rules (ive reported 8 individuals breaking the rules, not including kassner) just shows me that you have no care, or respect for any sort of charity organisation's rules and even less respect for what the American Cancer Society does in SL.


Friday, 1 July 2011

Is the SL Steampunk bubble bursting?

Steampunk and Victorian tastes in Second Life are well catered for.  With Caledon, Winterfell, New Babbage, Steelhead, Steeltopia, Antiquity, New Toulouse and a few other places out there, the Victorian and steampunk inclined residents of Second Life are well catered for.

Have we reached an impasse in the actual amount of land though?

Hot on the heel's of news that  Steeltopia may be closing, it seems the massive Victorian community of Antiquity is about to go the way of Atlantis and sink into the depths of that vast Linden Lab blue ocean.

Antiquity was a lot like Caledon, concentrating more on the Victorian side of things rather than the steampunk side of things.  To call Caledon "Steampunk" would be like calling The Wastelands "Cyberpunk".  Theres a few aspects of it...but not enough to warrant the label.  Antiquity was part of that vast section of residential lands covering the Victorian era, and there is...or was...a LOT of it.  Winterfell which is joined to Caledon is massive, Caledon itself is a behemoth of a continent.  Ontop of that you have the specific genre places of New Toulouse diligently ran by the ever busy Gabrielle Riel...yeah, there was a LOT of Victorian themed land out there.

With both Steeltopia and Antiquity going under by the looks of it, it means that the remaining Victorian and steamland places out there might have a chance to fill out those empty plots.  Already empty land in New Babbage has been snapped up left right and center.  Some of it is returning residents, some of it is folks from Antiquity.  Brunel Hall Hotel is at capacity right now, about a quarter of them are from Antiqity and they have payed the hotels rental box for their room up to the max of 4 weeks, so they plan on staying a while.

A few folks have been asking the question which popped up a few times in the .com industry...are we seeing the bubble burst?

No, i don't think we are.  Theres new folks coming into steamlands and Victorian lands all the time.  I think what we are seeing is simply two pieces of very bad news happening at the same time, a sort of "perfect storm".  Steeltopia had very few empty plot's of land.  Antiquity might have been a case of being mismanaged which caused folks to move out.  As for the bubble of Steampunk and Victorian lands in SL...that bubble might have slowed its growth pace a lot, but its in no danger of bursting anytime soon.