Friday, 24 June 2011

The Mock Victorian

Brunel Hall's constant tinkering with in New Babbage is an ongoing running joke within the city.  Since the hotel opened more than a year ago its been overhauled totally about 5 times in total with reworks going on almost every month.

Lately since the addition of the campanile style open bell tower (only one of its kind in the steamlands as far as i know) I've been fretting about the dang windows of the place.  Brunel Hall is a big building...a very big building.  The largest land based build (theres bigger stuff underwater) of the city, the second largest hotel in the steamlands (Gabriele Riels Coughton Court is bigger...i built that as well) and so far the only Mock Tudor style building of its kind in SL.  Sure, theres stickwork builds all over the place in SL, but they hark back to the medieval era, the old wattle and daub style housing, not the Mock Stickwork facade builds of the victorian age.

The problem with this particular kind of build is the sodding windows.

Theres a lot of them in Brunel Hall, especially around the back, 100 odd prims worth of windows to be exact, more prims than some of the actual houses in the city.  Today EzY from the Dr Who Expo sculpted up a great set of sash style sliding windows which is the main style of window that was in use from the late 18th century all the way up to the mid 20th century...ohhh and Mr String scripted them so the lower half slides the hotel has period windows which actually opens!

YAY!  *confetti*

To visit Brunel Hall Hotel click on the link :)

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