Friday, 17 June 2011

Meet The Timelords - SL8B

To be honest, i've never really payed much attention to the Second Life Birthday bashes.  It's a bit like a big massive party spread over a whole bunchof regions payed for by Linden Lab itself.

This year is Second Life's 8th Birthday and would have went past relativley un-noticed in the various Doctor Who groups...but not this time.  Designing Worlds, SL's top magazine show based in Treet.TV along with Prim Perfect Magazine are doing a 1 hour long live show on...Doctor Who in Second Life.

It will be a live studio audience and be part of the wider SL8B events going on inworld in Second Life.  Saffia Widdershins already contacted me to take part in the show and also asked me for a few names who could also appear on the panel to talk about the Doctor Who community in SL as a whole and also the roleplay side of the community within SL.

It also means that Saffia gets to sit on a big comfy chair and chat to a few residents of SL, a bit like the Parkinson show :)

Anyways, Tristan of Who Island, Sen of Hands of Omega, Oolon of New Gallifrey, Bernard of Paradox Island and Louis of Podshock will all hopefully be taking a seat with me in the Designing Worlds "Meet the Timelords" 1 hour long interview and Q&A session for SL8B.  If anything, it will show the thousands of folks who take part in SL8B that Doctor Who is alive and kicking in Second Life...and it should be a whole load of fun as well!

It will be the first time that a top rated filmed magazine show has shown interest in the genre of Doctor Who in SL, and it will be the first time that Doctor Who has had any sort of presence in the wider Second Life birthday celebrations.

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