Friday, 1 July 2011

Is the SL Steampunk bubble bursting?

Steampunk and Victorian tastes in Second Life are well catered for.  With Caledon, Winterfell, New Babbage, Steelhead, Steeltopia, Antiquity, New Toulouse and a few other places out there, the Victorian and steampunk inclined residents of Second Life are well catered for.

Have we reached an impasse in the actual amount of land though?

Hot on the heel's of news that  Steeltopia may be closing, it seems the massive Victorian community of Antiquity is about to go the way of Atlantis and sink into the depths of that vast Linden Lab blue ocean.

Antiquity was a lot like Caledon, concentrating more on the Victorian side of things rather than the steampunk side of things.  To call Caledon "Steampunk" would be like calling The Wastelands "Cyberpunk".  Theres a few aspects of it...but not enough to warrant the label.  Antiquity was part of that vast section of residential lands covering the Victorian era, and there is...or was...a LOT of it.  Winterfell which is joined to Caledon is massive, Caledon itself is a behemoth of a continent.  Ontop of that you have the specific genre places of New Toulouse diligently ran by the ever busy Gabrielle Riel...yeah, there was a LOT of Victorian themed land out there.

With both Steeltopia and Antiquity going under by the looks of it, it means that the remaining Victorian and steamland places out there might have a chance to fill out those empty plots.  Already empty land in New Babbage has been snapped up left right and center.  Some of it is returning residents, some of it is folks from Antiquity.  Brunel Hall Hotel is at capacity right now, about a quarter of them are from Antiqity and they have payed the hotels rental box for their room up to the max of 4 weeks, so they plan on staying a while.

A few folks have been asking the question which popped up a few times in the .com industry...are we seeing the bubble burst?

No, i don't think we are.  Theres new folks coming into steamlands and Victorian lands all the time.  I think what we are seeing is simply two pieces of very bad news happening at the same time, a sort of "perfect storm".  Steeltopia had very few empty plot's of land.  Antiquity might have been a case of being mismanaged which caused folks to move out.  As for the bubble of Steampunk and Victorian lands in SL...that bubble might have slowed its growth pace a lot, but its in no danger of bursting anytime soon.


  1. I suspect that you have hit it right on the head. I heard that SteelCobra had an issue with LL related to payment (sound familiar?) which could be where the stories of closing came from. Hope they are false, he really loves that place a lot. Antiquity...who knows, I suspect your suspicion there is probably correct. Most of my dealings with them have been via Baron Wulfenbach, had a lot of trouble getting their managers to respond.

  2. The news broke last night that Steeltopia will be closing within the month. I think this was a long time coming, not for want of community or support, but rather an insurmountable rl situation. Only Blue could run Steeltopia.