Saturday, 18 June 2011

Bestiality in New Babbage?

Yes!  According to Holocluck Henley there is bestiality going on...

Read past the timelord banter and move onto the bit about someone who is a farm animal from the waist down.  He means me.  Of course, as usual Holocluck Henley gets it wrong, , im wearing Satyr legs and im a farm animal from the kneecaps down, then again Holo gets all sorts of things wrong...just like he got it wrong by supporting a Dr Who sim that harbors copybotters, thus, he himself fully supports copybotting.

It's no surprise holo finds any excuse to take little jabs at me.

Not only does Holocluck Henley paint a picture of adult chat going on in the PG rated Steampunks of New Babbage group, he makes it look as if people are trying to ignore the "group" of females who are apparently pining after me each and every day in Steampunks.  Now the female banter does go on, but thats got a lot to do with the whole scottish accent i have going on, not one comment of any of them trying to jump into bed with me or otherwise make little prim babies has went on, Holo being a full out blatant liar makes it sound as if it has.  For one thing the other 9 group admins and the owner of the 10 sims would shut down that kinda chat immediately before it got out of control, just like i shot down the borderline adult chat that was going on in the PG rated chat of Steampunks at the beginning of this year, and let me tell ya...that didn't win me any friends.

Of course, close minded individuals, like Holocluck Henley, don't realize that Second Life's motto of "Your World...Your Imagination" is what drives thriving communities within the world of SL.  Anything that's different to his perspective should be closeted away from public view and never spoken about.   The mere hint of someone who has Satyr legs and a tail being talked about jokingly in a PG sense which absolutely no one in Steampunks has made a complaint about...makes it look to him that its adult chat, even though there's been not one single complaint...he complains.

Just like he said that the Doctor Who group which i run and am one of the two owners of is constantly discussing adult related material, he pins the same thing onto the steampunks group.  What holo forgot to mention (since hes a blatant liar) is that the Doctor Who group has Linden employees in its membership.  New Babbage steampunks group has been suspected of having some Linden employees alts for a long time now and BOTH Katrina and New Babbage get regular visits by folks from Linden Lab.  If there was sexual adult chat going on in either groups...LL would have contacted the group owners by now, so have both groups been contacted by LL?


It's as simple as that...

Also, just incase Holocluck Henley decides to retcon his post (which is what liars usually do to cover their tracks) heres a screenshot of the particular part of his blog post im yapping on about :)

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