Saturday, 11 June 2011

Archangel "Mr Copybot" Mortenwold Whines...

Taken from the TARDIS Owners group...

[11:52]  Archangel Mortenwold: I tried visiting Vernian Sea a few days ago only to find I'd been banned from there.  No explanation was given, but Victor1st is part of the group that runs the sim, so I figured the reason out pretty quickly.

[11:54]  Archangel Mortenwold: I know the reason he banned me.

[11:55]  Victor1st Mornington: dont look at me, last person i banned in babbage was a 5 day old tennoob who kept rezzing a hands of omega console intop of city hall, that was 6 weeks ago...

[11:56]  Archangel Mortenwold: Victor, don't lie to me again.  You know why I was banned from there.  You're just the type of vindictive person who would do it.

Yes, the reason you got banned Arch is cause your a copybotter.  You steal other people work, and you claim it as your own.  The reason you got banned Arch is cause basically...your a theif.

It's a mute point anyway...cause it actually wasnt me who banned Arch, his name was already on the ban list inluding some of his copybot supporting friends and they was probably there LONG before i became an admin.

Looks like Archangel "Mr Copybot" Mortenwold had already angered one of the 10 estate owners of New Babbage, probably by copybotting their work cause Arch has no decent building skills of his own.  Anyway, i sent a notecard to Mr Tenk informing him that i unbanned Arch just to keep Mr Copybot happy but I also informed Mr Tenk that i think the reason someone else banned him is cause so far, he's been caught ripping off folks work twice.

Ya see the thing about the steam-lands in SL and the wider victorian themed sims is the common thread of a lot of TARDIS users, usually DCL or HoO actually living on those regions like New Babbage, Caledon, Steelhead, Steeltopia and all the others.  Those same folks are in the TARDIS owners group, the DCL group, the main Doctor Who group and they all interact with each other.  When word of a copybotter like Arch gets out, they usually end up getting blanket banned form the majority of those sims.  Unlike the circles Arch keeps in with, we don't support the content theft of other peoples work.

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  1. That's interesting. When Arch was a part of Who Island, he too banned copybotters of products he did not create. He must have forgot he shared the same policy.