Tuesday, 24 May 2011


We hear about copybotting all the time in Second Life.  The sort of thing that happens to the big business of SL.

Its been happening more and more in the world of the Doctor Who community within SL as well.  Take a look at the following picture...

Now, i know what your all thinking "but victor, its a Dalek, they all look the same...heres a note that Arch recently sent out...

As you probably noticed, the Archangel Network Dalek vendors are currently off line.  As you deserve an honest explanation as to why, I will provide one as best I can.

During the rebuilding phase from the previous, unscripted versions to the current ones, I was struggling to figure out how to make two things: an eleven-sided skirt and a tread base that would fit.

Without the knowledge of my friends and business partners, I cut corners by using a study model that was apparently copybotted from another company.  It never occurred to me to check or ask questions, and frankly, I didn't want to.  I was too focused on the end result and not how I got it.  I used prims from that study model.

This was stupid for several reasons that should be obvious, but the point is that I screwed up, and in so doing damaged not only my own reputation, but those of the people who associate with me.  They trusted me to be open and honest with them, and they trusted me with their reputations.  I betrayed that trust.

So here's the situation regarding the A.N. line of Dalek avatars.  The skirts and the tread bases are in the process of being replaced.  Those were the only parts that were not wholly original, and the entire line should be back up and running with 100% original builds by week's end.  Anyone who bought a Dalek avatar will get a free redelivery.  I will try to work out some sort of compensation plan with the owners of the study model I swiped from so that they get a fair share of what sales have so far been made on the current line.

The classic series and Storm Daleks, which are Wellzy Horngold's builds, were not involved in this matter.

To everyone who trusted me, I just want to say I am truly and deeply sorry for what happened.  There really is no excuse for this, and I accept that things may even be beyond repair.  Effectively immediately and until further notice, I have accepted two others as co-owners of A.N.: Nonamei Scribe and Koschei Yuhara, who are taking the active role in the running of things.  They had no part in this, and they do not deserve to be involved in a group that has me in charge of it.  At this time, the most reasonable way I can think of resolving this is to step aside and have them run the group for as long as they deem it necessary.  All groups are team efforts, and I need to learn how to work as part of a team.  Decisions for the company will be made by the team leaders, not just one person.

Once again, I am deeply sorry for this breach of trust.

Thats nice of Archangel to admit that he "received" copybotted parts from another 3rd party whom he suddenly "cant remember" the name of.  Well, thats conveinient.

Whats stranger though is when you inspect the Dalek, its not a third party that comes up as a creator of those copybotted parts...


There is only one other way that he could have "made" those sculpted parts but not actually copybotted them.  If someone else gave him the sculpt maps...but he has stated to several people that he doesn't remember the name of the person...well...if thats the case look up the creator of the sculpt map that he used to create the rip off pieces of the Dalekanium Daleks.

...but he cant...which means he was the copybotter.  HE copybotted them, HE stole them, HE knowingly ripped off content from another producer of Dr Who content in SL.  HE can be summed up in one plain and simple English word.  He is a LIAR.

Any Dr Who region who is supporting Archangel Products within the SL community is supporting the ripping of content within the community by a person who has already been caught trying to rip off folks.  Its also no surprise whatsoever that Kat Kassner welcomed Archangel with open arms into the team at TARDIS...

...which says a lot about the kind of people that own the TARDIS region.  Even after Archangel himself was called out about the entire WITS debacle, Kassner still welcomed him.  Which means, Kat Kassner is wholly supportive of copybotting other folks works in this community.

For a much more detailed analysis and a stack load of more pictures about this whole stealing of Dalekanium content, visit http://www.dweac.com/

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Nod Quitting SL

One of the owners of the Doctor Who Expo has decided to leave SL...this blog describes the various reasons as to why...