Sunday, 30 January 2011

Zenobia Station Showcase

I'm guessing something has changed over at the showcase team.

About 4 months ago I was having a conversation with Sea Linden (head of SL search) about the problems the Katrina sim was having with the new search system.  Sea had a look around the station (it was in Marti at that time) and said it was a pity it couldnt be featured.  Reason it couldnt is cause it was heavilly themed with Doctor Who items...

Couple of days ago however this appeared on the destination guide...

All I can say is...YAY!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Community Landmarks Question...

EDIT - Some folks have asked in IM what sparked this blog post off.  Once again, it was the fact that Kat Kassner took digs at something im involved in.  For months things between Kassner and Katrina had been quiet but stuff like this in the timelords group profile...  

Doctor Who Zone: New London Village Group. -est 2008. The largest region based Doctor Who group that has ALWAYS been linked to a region, not touted as neutral first.

...and then more harrasing material on the info boards at the TARDIS sim IFT Faire booth finally caused me to realise that its about time some of the facts got out there.  Now, if your gonna post comments in this blog ridiculing me for this post remember a few things.

FACT 1: - Kassner said she would not mention anything to do with the Katrina sim in the last arguement...she broke that promise less than 2 months later by changing the group description of Timelords VIP.

FACT 2: - Kassner said she would not use or allow anyone in the timelords group to mention or incite an arguement about the Katrina sim...she broke that promise less than 1 month later by allowing several of her "staff" (that are actually alts) to make false claims in the Timelords group that I had staged a "forced takeover" of the Doctor Who group, this cause more than 50 folks to leave her group in disgust and join the Doctor Who Group.

FACT 3: - Not once in the Doctor Who group has any of the current goings on been mentioned or posted, that is a group of nearly 2000 members, i kept my side of the bargain.  Kassner is unable, and unwilling to answer any of the critics, instead she runs to the Timelords VIP group, acts like Chris Croker from youtube "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!" and spins it to make it look as if Katrina and more especially myself started it all.

Thats some of the facts that led up to this blog post...once again...this was essentually caused by Kassner escalating an arguement and then acting as if she didnt do a thing wrong.  Many people seen the IFT boards that TARDIS put up, and many people from across the sci-fi spectrum of SL had a fair idea what it meant and was quite frankly disgusted at what was put on the info board, remember folks, this blog post deals in facts, if you cant handle the truth about your beloved sim owner and my RIGHT to answer the false accusatory lies spread from the keyboard of kassner...then your past help...maybe you should go play solitaire or something...

...anyway, onto the main post...


So, no doubt by now the word of the TARDIS sim being removed from the Doctor Who COMMUNITY Landmarks object has spread, notice how I capitalised the word "community", and no doubt Kat is now saying how I'm a bully...etc etc...ya all know the score by now..

'Community' means many things to many people in and out of Second Life.  To me it means what it has, and always will mean in the Victorian steamlands sims of Second Life.  Community is essentially co-operation, working together with like minded sims for the betterment and mutual growth of the said niche you are specialising in.

So...why did I remove the TARDIS sim from the landmark giver?  Simple, in my eyes they are not out to better the community as a whole, in my eyes and the eyes of a lot of other well known Doctor Who community members they are out to do one thing, to better themselves at the COST of the rest of the community.  The whole history of the TARDIS sim and before it the Luxor sim is one in which Kat Kassner and her husband Timelord Kellman is something they are trying to rewrite within the Doctor Who community.  They are trying to rewrite their own history within the Doctor Who community for a simple reason...out of shame.

Lets start with Kellman himself.  For a fair number of months now Timelord Kellman has been gone from the Doctor Who community, at least in public.  He started his vanishing act round about the time he sent notecards to Cheshyr, Sen, Oolon, some of the owners of the Katrina sim and several other well known members of the Doctor Who community.  What was in that notecard?  A demand, from him, and from his sim, for all community leaders to stop interacting with myself and the Katrina sim.  The demands, along with his childish and selfish attitude was ignored, and his reputation was royally flushed down the proverbial lavatory.

That little nugget of info is only the tip of the iceberg, an iceberg that goes very deep.

Take for instance another aspect of the TARDIS sim's idea of "community"...The Doctor Who Podshock parties.

Podshock, the Internets oldest and most listened to Doctor Who podcast, has their seasonal meetup's in the Katrina region.  It didn't start in Katrina, it started in the old Land of Who ran by one of the founding members of the Doctor Who community...Bazzerbill Eccleston.  The first meetup took place in 2006, when SL was young, it simply couldn't handle the amount of people that piled into the meeting.

Fast forward to 2009/2010 and the meetups returned to Second Life.  In the Katrina sim.  Originally the meetups was to take place in the New Gallifrey sim but since most of New Gally is for residential use (a meeting would cause lag) and since in effect theres nothing to look at on the ground floor of New Gally, it was decided to hold the meetups in Katrina.  2 days after the announcement of the revamped meetings, and one day after the announcement that it would be taking place in Katrina, the organizers of the first meeting received complaints, from one person...yes, you guessed it.  It was the TARDIS sim owner complaining why they didn't get to host the meetup.

So, in order to keep everyone...ok...that's a lie, not everyone, just Kat Kassner happy, I decided to host a "TARDIS Tour".  The point of this tour was a simple one.  I use a hands of omega TARDIS to drag around the 30 odd podshock guests around the various Doctor Who community places.  First stop on the your was TARDIS, then it was Who Island and back to Katrina.  The first tour went great.  When the second podshock meetup came along though, things became nasty.  Some of you may remember that i stopped going to TARDIS after the second tour.  The reason was simple.  Staff, friends and associates of Kat Kassner started sending messages to the various podcasters who was on the tour, informing them of the "lies" and "deceit" of the Katrina sim.  How the Katrina sim was "guilty of copying other folks works".  How the Katrina sim "stole all their ideas from land of who"...i could go on and on about this.  Needless to say the podshockers didn't now want to return to TARDIS I obliged.

I informed Kat Kassner of this incident...her reply was "I take no responsibility for what my staff do".

Its the same line over and over from Kassner.  She never gets involved.  She gets her STAFF involved.  Involved in bad mouthing Katrina to their visitors in TARDIS.  Involved in bad mouthing Katrina, Podshock, Hands of Omega, Who Island and Paradox Island in their timeords VIP group. my eyes TARDIS is not a part of this community.  They stopped being a part of it a long time ago.

What is written in this blog is only a small fraction of the hostilities that TARDIS throw against the Katrina sim.  On two separate occasions Nodster of the Katrina regions tried to smooth things over with the TARDIS region, only to have some of the staff of that sim start sniping at Katrina a few weeks later.

They have been the cause of ALL of the hostilities between the two sims, from the early days of Luxor by constantly complaining...

Complaining to us about the original WhoBar

Complaining to us about the timing of our small events (which we then changed, and they changed theirs to clash with ours two weeks later...and complained AGAIN)

Complaining about our partnership with drwho-online (which resulted in them sending two of their staff to Katrina to inform DrWho Online to go to TARDIS instead cause Katrina is full of "greifers").

Heck, i can go on and on about the outright lies that came, and still continue to come from the TARDIS sim...but i think you get the point now.

Hate me all you want, believe every single word that comes out of Kassners keyboard all you want.  The fact remains that in SL, sim owners like Kassner are rampant in most of the big sci-fi genres.  Owners like Kassner caused the various collapses of the Star Trek sims in SL and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let that same collapse happen in the Doctor Who COMMUNITY.

You take a look at the three other major sims to do with Dr Who outside of Katrina and TARDIS.  You have Who Island, Paradox Island and New Gallifrey.  When it comes to those three interacting with Katrina everything is fine.  If the Katrina sim was "out to take over the Dr Who community" which is what Kat Kassner herself has said on many occasions...don't you think Katrina would be in the position TARDIS is now?

Fact is, Katrina isn't.  Another fact is that Who Island, New Gally and Paradox Island get along great with Katrina...same cant be said for TARDIS though.

Kassner likes to go straight to her group and start complaining publicly in her group of 1600 members...but when someone says something about her or her sim in another group she immediatley sends a private message saying she never publicly harasses a region in her group, and has never done so.  She likes to say in her group that TARDIS and more especially the timelords VIP group never attacks anyone, yet recently in the description of the timelords group she typed in a covered attack on the oldest independent group in SL, the Doctor Who group, a group that happens to be owned by me.  She likes to lie about several thing her sim is involved in, including that TARDIS is an "authorised" broadcaster of Big Finish Audio.  We contacted Big Finish...there is no such thing as an "authorised" broadcaster of Big Finish Audios in SL.

So...there we have it Ive said a few times in this blog post...this is only the top of the iceberg.  The rewriting of their sim and groups history might stick for the majority of the newbies that their sim attracts, but the simple fact is a lot of the old time members of this community remember how all this fighting started...and it didn't start from Katrina.

We have sat back and let the insane rambling from Kassner continue for almost 2 years, thinking that eventually she'll stop taking shots at us, our affiliates and the people who visit our sim.  Its become obvious now that she wont.  As far as I am concerned payback for 2 years of lying is about to commence.

This blog post is not here to "make you believe".  This blog post is simply here to state facts about what is, and what has went on behind the scenes with the interactions between Luxor/TARDIS and the Katrina sim.  Make what you will of this blog post all you want.  Don't beleive any of it if you dont want to.  However if you don't believe a word of it, yet believe every single word that comes out of Kassner keyboard then maybe you should take a long hard look at yourself sometime.