Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Doctor Who SL Community - 2012

With the end of 2011 almost upon us and the beginning of a new year ahead I thought it was about time I layed out the basic plans of whats in store for the community as a whole for 2012.

Almost everyone knows that when it comes to marketing the Doctor Who community of SL outside of SL itself the only tangible link to the outside is with the Doctor Who: Podshock podcast parties.  These have been running continously for almost 3 years now in Katrina and have seen a large influx of Doctor Who fans from outside of SL join SL and become a part of the community.  The massive increase in numbers of the Doctor Who group from just under 600 when i became an owner of it to almost 4000 members in the space of just under 2 years is mostly down to Podshock. 

As far as the numbers game goes with that group, I took a close look at the last login dates of all the members.  Just under 90% of them have logged in within the past month.  Just over 70% of them have logged in within the past 2 is without a single doubt the largest and most active of the Doctor Who groups out there, and within the general Sci-Fi groups it is now within the top 5 at least.

However, Podshock can only go so far.  The vast influx of new members from the podshock parties has plateaued out since by now the folks who have a computer that can run SL have already joined.  The parties themselves is still the showcase event for the Dr Who community being the largest single gathering of Dr Who fans within Second Life, even Linden Lab acknowledged that by featuring the last one in the LL Editors Pick for events.

2012 will mark what I consider the last hurdle of the 2 year plan i thought up back in 2009.  The expansion of the Dr Who community within SL, by pushing the community within SL itself and spreading out the social network aspect of the community outside of SL.

The International Federation of Trekkers Second Life Sci-Fi Faire's and conventions have shown a lot of the Doctor Who fans one thing...the other stagnant and in some cases dying Sci-Fi roleplay franchises within SL like Star Trek and Star Wars either dont take the Dr Who community in SL seriously, or think we are a collection of fringe cult fans celebrating an obscure British sci-fi franchise.  When i told some of them just how big the community was, and just how many active folks was in the main group, a lot of them didnt beleive me at first, and when they seen the numbers...most of them was shocked.  2011 was the year that a lot of the other Sci-Fi groups in SL lost a large number of their members, but all through 2011, with Podshock, talk panels (liek the ones from Designing Worlds) and RFL has seen the numbers in the community DOUBLE...yes...DOUBLE in just one year, with little to no outside advertising. 2012, the outside advertising and social networking will come into play.  The ground work is already in place, Katrina as a region is now ready to take these new folks in, which leads onto the second plan...The Gateway.

The Gateway is the end game of the two year plan.  It was an idea already thought up by Ezy McAlpine halfway through 2011 but it was shelved in order to wait for Katrina to go all mesh, and since it has went all mesh the time is now right.

The Doctor Who Expo & Kronopolis is the first of the Dr Who sims to have two permanent entries in the Destination Guide, both under the RP catagory, one for the city itself, and one for Time Station Zenobia.  It's also the top of the search results in SL for Doctor Who.  Infact in the top 10 places, 4 of them have a landing point somewhere in the Katrina sim, again, ground work layed down by me for the new search system of 2011.

A lot of visitors visit Katrina, and Katrina is now acting like a Gateway for the general SL populace which are interested in Doctor Who.

Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, a second level will be added to the Welcome Centre.  This second level will be the Gateway, it will feature info and pictures of the 5 major community minded regions which have worked together for the past 3 years to consolidated the Dr Who community in SL.  Katrina, Lewisonia, New Gallifrey, Who Island and Olyesti will all have Gateway booths.  These booths will feature info on the sim, info about wether the sim accepts roleplay and will have a back wall "Click Here To Teleport" picture which will direct the visitor to that sim to look around and also give the visitor a landmakr back to the welcome centre in Katrina.  The finished Welcome Centre will become a true Gateway to the community minded Doctor Who regions of SL and will present a united fandom front for the community which has been growing exponentially for the past 2 years.

The other part of this end game is The Doctor Who Expo.  An actual real Expo which will be planned to take place in Katrina on the events platform.  It will not be a mini mall like the scifi convention's have turned into, this will be an expo in its true form.  A chance for the content creators to set up a booth and advertise...not simply show off a console, but REALLY advertise.  The set up of the Expo will be a simple one and the booth build guidelines will be a set of questions...

Why should people visit your region?
Why should people buy your products?

Two simple questions, questions which simply rezzing a console or throwing down a board with text cannot answer.  The Doctor Who Expo at Katrina will be a TRUE expo, not a collection of vendors thrown down on a plot or a row of boring police boxes on display.

There may also be a slim chance of producers and stars of the "new" era of Doctor Who showing up for Q&A sessions at the expo.  I say SLIM chance...I'm still in very tentative email discussions but from these early discussions its looks promising, and before you all start running around saying "BBC WILL SUE US! WE'RE ALL DOOMED!" ohhhhhhh please...the BBC staff of Cardiff have been in SL for YEARS now, they know we are here, they know what we do, heck i have one of them living with me on my mainland plot...

2012 will be the final chapter of the marketing push.  With Second Life itself starting to stagnate and with other Sci-Fi franchises in SL on the decline it means that continued growth and stability of the Dr Who community in Second Life will mean involving all of the major community regions and pushing the word about the community to everyone who wants to hear.

...its not going to be easy, but the ground work has been put in place for the past year and half.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Is the death knell sounding for teens in SL?


Everyone knows that the Katrina sim was the first of the major Doctor Who sims to open up a dedicated mini Doctor Who and Sci-Fi mall for the teens well into the beginning of this year.

The decline of the teen population actually visiting these teen only sims has led to a few of them closing, or the owners of those sims switching to Moderate as fast as they can once they hit 18 or over.  The "Epic" region, part of a set of 3 Teen sims has just switched to Moderate.  The other 2 sims will be switching to Moderate next year.  Fi, the owner, has decided that running a sim dedicated to the teens of SL simply is not viable anymore, even with the tier discount they get.  There simply isnt enough visitors or folks spending cash.

For the last 5 months the Teen Dr Who Expo has seen declining sales from the affiliate vendors and declining visitors, despite it being ranked no.1 in teen search for Doctor Who, it's now got to the stage where the sim owner who recently turned 18 has decided to ditch the teen market, along with a whole host of other teens now reaching 18, and concentrate on the Moderate or "For Adults" Second Life grid.

The fact that Linden Labs have made it easier than ever for a teen to lie about their age, and the fact there there is no real way for anyone who owns a Moderate rated sim to tell if their visitors are underage hasnt helped, the teens simply lie about their age and say they are an adult.  We know they do it, Linden Lab most certainly do know they do it.

Not only all that above, but the fact that a banned underager can simply re-register all over again and create another account means that most of the teens out there...aint "teens", they are simply running around with an adult account and putting sim owners in jeopardy of being seen as a "teen hangout" or supporting underagers on the grid and doing nothing about abuse reporting the little liars..

With the teens who lie about their age going to moderate sims who DONT ban them, they usually stay there, attracting other underagers to lie about their age and the whole process snowballs, killing off the actual bona fide teen regions and falsely inflating the traffic of the moderate sims who attract these underagers with illegal traffic.  Those moderate sims start to get the reputation of being nothing more than an underagers haven, which ruins it for them in the long run once Linden Lab closes down their sim...and trust me...LL have closed down MANY regions which in their view harbored knowingly, or unknowingly a lot of underagers.  Its why the Katrina sim regularly ban and abuse report more than 4 or 5 underagers a month.

It leaves a big question though...what to do with the "Teen Dr Who Expo" in Epic since its not for the teens anymore.  The build will remain there for the next two months.  I'm going to close down the mall rentals in Epic and have it as affiliates or Katrina staff only vendors.  Right now its been me that's been paying for the land in Epic for the most part, sometimes a little cash is taken from the Katrina sim to pay, but very rarely.  The Epic regions Doctor Who Expo will basically become a satellite store and if i cant turn the place around in 2 months, it will be closed.

The bigger question is it worth even opening another PG Teen Dr Who Expo?  From what i have seen over the past 4 months the simple answer

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The 2012 Plan

So, here we are.

The end of 2011 is almost upon us.  This year has seen the single largest growth both for the main Doctor Who group which is now officially over 3500 members, and for the main Dr Who community regions, and has also seen the single longest stagnation since i started "marketing" Dr Who within SL.

The past 3 to 4 months have been like Second Life itself, stagnant.  There is growth there, but its nowhere near what it has been.  This basically mirrors what it is like across the entire grid.  Some SciFi communities have been hit even harder.  The IFT SciFI Faire has shown me this.  I've been talking to a few of the other leaders of the other scifi communities around Second Life, most of them are jealous of the growth that the Dr Who community has seen in the past year.  The Star Trek and Star Wars community's are stll big, but they have been on decline for the past year or more.  The Doctor Who community, even though stagnating, is still growing, and the main group is one of the biggest sci-fi genre based groups on the grid with about 90% of the membership still active.

2012 is going to be the tough one though.

With the next new series not scheduled until the autumn of 2012 it means we are looking at basically almost a YEAR until a new series is on the air, probably next September.  Between then and now its going to be a long haul.

The Katrina sim is now in a perfect position.  The overhaul to mesh has shown the rest of the scifi community that the Doctor Who community has in it some of the best builders on the grid.  The FIRST of the scifi sims to go all mesh, and one of the first regions in general in SL to go all mesh, just a pity we cant really see it right now since me and McAlpine dumped so much damn snow on the sim :) ...actually, wait, it was basically me that dumped all that snow...oops.

Time Station Zenobia, once complete, will mirror the sim down below as the jewel in the crown of the Doctor Who regions, but its useless having a crown if the community that it is supposed to support is starting to stagnate...and hence...the Gateway plan is now coming into effect.

It's something that's been brewing in the back of my head during that 2 month break i had.  It's becoming harder and harder to advertise within the general SL populace about Dr Who, although things like the major Doctor Who discussion panels (one of which is this Saturday) do help a lot.  The only REAL influx of new Doctor Who fans we get is from Podshock, but even then the influx from there is starting to wane.  Whats needed is something to shift the focus away from trying to attract more folks from within SL to convert to being a Doctor Who's now time to look outwards, into the general online web based fan communities of Doctor Who, the forums, the websites and the online communities.

The new viewer which is seemingly more stable(ish) than the older viewers will help speed things along...

2012 will see Katrina become the gateway into SL, for the general Doctor Who fandom of outside of SL.

Some of it is already inplace, the foundations...the new Dr Who Expo twitter, blog and facebook page...but its still a lot of work ahead...a hell of a lot of work.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Here we go folks, follow the link for more info on the RFL Doctor Who Panel this coming saturday!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

IFT Faire now OPEN!

The Faire is now open! A big showing from the Doctor Who Community for the fire with stalls from the Katrina sim, Lewisonia, Olyesti, Who Island and content makers from the Dr Who community as well!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

The Dr Who Expo at IFT SciFi Faire

The booth for the 2011 IFT Second Life Sci-Fi Faire is finished!  YAY!

Friday, 9 December 2011

Dr Who Expo Social Networking

I've finally got around to sorting out the new Dr Who Expo's social networking sites.   All news pertaining to the Dr Who Expo will now be on the following places...

DWE on Twitter!/DrWhoExpoSL

DWE on Facebook

DWE's Blog

Monday, 5 December 2011

Christmas at Brunel Hall

Time to deck out the hotel ready for the Christmas party!

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Torley pays the Expo a visit :)


The Destination Giude!

Kronopolis City, the new look for the Doctor Who Expo has made it into the Destination Guide for Second Life under the Editors Picks catagory!  :)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Debs Regent - A liar and backstabber

Most of you know about the small mini Dr Who expo we had in the London England UK sim (mostly known as Hyde Park).

It's ran by Debs Regent and was a former Second Life Gateway.

Two years ago i was approcahed by Debs to set up a mini expo of Dr Who in the sky above Hyde Park for the new folks to see some Doctor Who content.

Last year i was asked by Debs Regent to place out some vendors in the back of it.  Last week stuff got returned.  I was told by Regent Parks (some land officer bloke) that it was because some residents complained there was vendors...fair enough i thought, the rest of the expo is still up there.

I went there today, it wasnt.  They returned EVERYTHING and kicked me out of the London Sims build group.  The whole lot is gone.  Two years of supporting Debs Regent and the London Sims, and all that work has been returned and i get kicked out of the group because of vendors which Debs Regent wanted there in the first place.

It's now been replaced by a Pipa Novelli TARDIS which Regent Parks bought and placed out.

...the thing is, as I said earlier, Debs ASKED ME to put those vendors out!  When i messaged Debs i got no reply, i got no reply to several notecards sent to her either.  Once again, she let her staff do the dirty work, which is a trait that a lot of her former staff have come to me since then and told me about.

Two years of work, advertising them and helping them with their Doctor Who weekend long party this year, and this is the treatment we get back from them...

The fact of the matter here is that Debs Regent has slowly been losing a lot of ground when it comes to "London" themed regions in Second Life.  It has not just been me that she and her power hungry staff have been stabbing in the back.  Some of her more trusted staff dating back to the days of her regions being a gateway have been stabbed in the back, lied about, trolled and even abuse reported by Debs OWN top end staff.

This is the kind of place that Debs runs, she casually turns a blind eye to the constant drama, bickering, lies and all out trolling that her own top end "management" level staff do every week.  When it comes to offering support to the people who helped her achieve what she did back in 2010/11, she stands in the sidelines, and lets her management staff do the dirty work.

Little wonder why Mainland London has now overtaken Debs Regents London sims as the top place to be.

Don't bother visiting the London Hyde Park sims folks, or any other sim maintained or owned by Debs Regent Virtually Linked...its owned by a backstabber and a flat out liar.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Mainland - Full of assholes

...yeah not only that, assholes who cant build worth a damn and stick up giant prim boxes to totally block yer view.

Take for instance this lovley picture...

Thats the view i woke up to this morning on my mainland plot.

The back end of the parcel is now totally blocked by some megaprim view crap to give the self centered ignorant fuckwit living inside it some "privacy".  Privacy?  HELLOOOOOO?  I can still cam into your blingtard crappy little overprimmed 2005 build mansion house!

I AR'ed the whole wall...not that LL will do a damn thing about it since they have obviously lost interest in anything to do with mainland.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

What exactly will a new Katrina mean?

I hear around various other sci-fi sims and groups that questions have been raised as to what exactly a new Katrina ground, new set up and new Zenobia Station will actually mean for the Dr Who community and more especially the regular and semi regular visitors in and around the old Cardiff.

Good question...

I'll answer it laters today, since ive just spent 7 hours setting up the new rental boxes in the new mall >.<

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Zenobia Project

As many Timelord RP'ers have now realised...the overhaul of Katrina has meant that the first and largest of the Gallifreyan semi-canon line stations has vanished...

Zenobia Time Station was the first of the places in Katrina to go, but its not forgotten.

That station has taught me a few things in station design and more importantly, working with megaprims.  Fast forward a couple of years after the old Zenobia was built, and 64m prims are in, cutting prim count down for many large rooms.

The old semi-canon Zenobia may be gone, but it is being replaced with the REAL canon Space Station Zenobia as seen in Trial of a Timelord (Colin Baker era).  It will be the single largest Dr Who based station, like its predesessor but with a massive difference, it will be 3 times larger than the old station...

Preliminary work on the basics of the outer hull has started, however, this station is basically sim sized, it will cover much of the air above Katrina and be enclosed in a full space scene.  This will not be the rush job that the old Zenobia Station was...this time, im gonna do this right.

The picture below is the only known pre production shot of the stations model that was used for that infamous opening shot of Trial of a Timelord...

As I said...this HAS to be done it will take some weeks before Space Station Zenobia officially opens up for roleplay.

The New Era Begins

Building work on the new look Doctor Who Expo is fast underway, we are pinning for November the 19th (the day of Podshock) to be the official opening party of the new look sim.

Until then, heres a pic of the new canal :)

Sunday, 6 November 2011

An era is over...

For 4 years the Cardiff Bay theme in the Dr Who Expo (katrina sim) has been a fixed point in the Doctor Who community in Second Life.

In less than 10 minutes, a landmark in SL Sci-Fi and the Dr Who Community was trashed...

...and as soon as most of the old sim was deleted, the builds for the new sim started getting placed down!

Friday, 4 November 2011

A few pics

Some piccies i took of the brand new region tacked on to the north end of New Babbage, the sim is called North Fells and has replaced the old Raimondo sandbox.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

The redesign of the Dr Who Expo

It's no secret now.

By hook, or by crook, by the time the end of the first weekend of November is over...this will be going bye bye...

The oldest Doctor Who fan region in Second Life, 4 years old this year, and half a decade old next year has been the familiar old Cardiff Bay since its original inception with the owners EzY McAlpine, Marinedalek Tomorrow and Nodster Tardis.

It has been the stopping off point for the past 4 years for new Dr Who fans in SL.  The meeting place for the revamped Podshock parties, home to the first Dr Who museum in Second Life and the place where the landmark Millennium Centre stood.

Over the past year, the owners of the Dr Who Expo, myself included, toyed with the idea of finally getting rid of the Cardiff theme, and replacing it with a new showcase design, a revamped and revitalised new design for the Doctor Who Expo, a design which will utilise the new building techniques of Second Life...mesh.

This weekend, Cardiff will be deleted...and replaced with the newer, more eye catching and much more up to date build.  Focusing on a generalised future vision of a section of a sci-fi city, with towering curved skyscrapers, a new redesigned mall, a new welcome centre, new home for the museum, and featuring more open grass and water features with a raised platform for general gatherings.  It will also feature a new redesigned Zenobia Station, new layout for the welcome area, completely new open plan design for the mall and a more general built up look.

Cardiff has served the Katrina sim well, but after 4's time for :)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

The Begging Freebie Culture

I've noticed it...

You folks int he Dr Who community have probably noticed it more and more over the past year or so.  The Dr Who Community has been inundated with the begging freebie culture.

I've been in Star Trek groups, Battlestar Galactica Groups, Star Wars groups, and so far the worst of the sci-fi groups to have this begging culture is the Dr Who community.  I'm getting 5 or 6 messages like this a day now...

[09:46] doc12345: hi
[09:46] Victor1st Mornington: ello
[09:47] doc12345: you hawe some money
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: yup
[09:48] doc12345: how much
[09:48] Victor1st Mornington: why you asking?
[09:49] doc12345: i wana know '
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: why?
[09:50] doc12345: send me a tp
[09:50] doc12345: can i borow 100L
[09:50] Victor1st Mornington: no

It's blatantly obvious these folks are kids, probably around 10 to 14 years old.  With the growth of the Dr Who community comes the now massive problem of at LEAST 25% of them being kids, under the age of 15 thinking that they can have a free ride in the Dr Who groups.

The last two months (strangley enough while i was on my break) there was a sudden upsurge of these begging kiddies all over the place, in the groups, in folks IM's.  Word probably got out that "Mornington aint here, lets beg!"

Guess what beggars...

I'm back...I catch you begging, asking for consoles, sending messages to folks in the Katrina sim asking for money, consoles, police boxes, avatars and the usual freeloading attitude that I've been pushing back'll find yourself banned, permanently.

2nd Annual Brunel Hall Halloween Party

Pictures from the 2nd annual Brunel Hall Halloween Party!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Poor old Hamlet

Hamlet the Has-Been.  One time Linden Lab employee and now self proclaimed know it all of the Virtual World has fallen more in the last year than any other year.

His blog, New World Notes, has been courting controversy more and more over the past two years since it has become apparent that old Hamlet the Has-Been is now ignored by The Lab in general.  His latest post, talking about "Magic Circles" in SL is again one of Hamlets veiled attempts to appeal to the lowest common denominator in SL...the greifers.

As I said in his blogs comments, New World Notes has now crashed through the gutter and has ended up in the sewer, where whats left of old Hamlet the Has-Been's reputation ended up a long, long time ago.

Just reading the comments you can now see the kind of brainless trolls that Hamlet the Has-Been is trying to attract, folks like "James" (they NEVER use their SL name) saying things like...

"anyone attempting to create a "real income" through Second Life is about as intelligent as an Amoeba."

Ummm....really? Wtf?

You can see some of the more mainstream bloggers like Saffia going in and trying to defend the mainstream center line of Second Life...the folks like me, and you.   Of course it wont work, because Hamlet the Has-Been has become a bitter, twisted, self centered ego maniac who thinks because he happens to run a blog (sorry Hammy...Prok gets more hits, and writes better than you ever have) he can "steer" the direction the entire lab goes?

Think im kidding?  Read through the past 4 months worth of Hamlet the Has-Been's posts, he's literally trying to TELL the lab what to do, where to take Second Life.  SL and more importantly the Lab has changed dramatically since the days of Hammy working in it.  Hamlet is one of the core reasons the Lab didn't progress under the leadership of Phillip Rosedale.  Because the lab was full of self important egotists like Hammy who didn't want to work with anyone else.

Phillip Rosedale is gone, replaced with Rod Humble who ain't afraid to knock heads together, and all of Hammy's friends who were responsible for holding the Lab back, got fired by M Linden last year.

Times have changed Hammy...maybe you should too.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

The Break

It's been a couple of months now...

I think the break from the Dr Who side of things has lasted long enough.  Since the winter Podshock Party is this November in what may be a brand new rebuilt Katrina, I reckon its time i ended the break on November 1st.

Time to get down to business...

Friday, 28 October 2011

SS Great Britain Update

Just a quick update snapshot, sails and rigging are almost finished, work on the deck details has started...

Transfered from Square Rigging to the Great Britains original configuration of one square rig and 5 schooner rigged masts...

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Next Project - SS Great Britain

Fleet Week for the steamlands is next month and it got me in the mood to start a project ive been thinking about building for a while...

Isambard Kingdom Brunel's SS Great Britain...

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Script times - Post OS upgrade

It looks like Linden Lab have done something that fixed things with the OS upgrade they are performing across the server farms for the grid, i just finished a post in the new babbage website about spare time on the sims after the OS upgrade, here was the times...

Academy of Industry - 8.4ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 3.4ms Spare Time

Babbage Pallisade - 12.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4.9ms Spare Time

New Babbage - 10.2ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Square - 9.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 2ms Spare Time

Port Babbage - 10.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 1ms Spare Time

Clockhaven - 5.9ms Spare Time (clockhaven has a higher physics count than other new babbage sims)
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 2ms Spare Time

Wheatstone Waterways - 11.1ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 4ms Spare Time

Babbage Canals - 8.9ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of no spare time (Canals has always been script time heavy, not anymore though)

Vernian Sea - 9.8ms Spare Time
Pre OS Upgrade - Average of 3ms Spare Time

Ive also checked the script heavy Katrina sim which ALWAYS had 0ms of spare time, even Katrina now has 2ms of spare time!

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The stupid kid's of the SL Dr Who Community


Got a message from Doc Footman asking about someone who was selling stuff outside of the back entrance to the millennium centre mall.  It happens now and again, daft kiddies who sell junk outside hoping to make a quick few linden dollars...not that they ever do sell stuff.  I returned the item being sold and this was the instant message that kicked off...

[2011/10/12 10:13]  Matt Smith (timotej526): WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE
[2011/10/12 10:13]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): one of the owners of this sim your standing in
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Matt Smith (timotej526): how do you rent space I DON T HAVE MONEY WHAY DO YOU THINK I AM SELLING
[2011/10/12 10:14]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): you dont just drop stuff all over a sim you DO NOT OWN and start selling stuff when theres folks paying rent in the mall inside
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look dude i now the guy that made second life so you dont make me tell him becose he is my friend
[2011/10/12 10:15]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): oik, whos the guy who made second life?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): whats his name?
[2011/10/12 10:16]  Matt Smith (timotej526): HE DOESNT TELL HIS NAME BECOSE HE IS SECOND LIFE
[2011/10/12 10:17]  Vic Mornington (victor1st.mornington): infact ya know what,  im gonna simply report ya for fraud...until then, welcome to this regions ban list
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am sorry i just need money i am sorry please don t do this
[2011/10/12 10:18]  Matt Smith (timotej526): look i am so sorry

They threaten me with reporting me to the owner of Second Life, who's name is apparently "Second Life"...


Yeah...he's banned from Katrina.

Redone Time Rotor

Figured i would redo the time rotor of my home TARDIS a few days ago :)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Double Standards

Everyone knows the whole JLU thing that was going on, well, it kinda is still going on but it's quietened down now.  The Second Life Universe Forums ( ) was where it started.

Reports of the JLU mass datacollecting, reports of Kal-El (the leader of JLU) calling someone's work to inform the boss that one of their employers was a greifer in a virtual world, masses and masses of leaked Brainiac Wiki which has personal info on a long list of greifers and persons of note in the SL community.

The outrage that spilled out in the SL Universe forums carried on in-world, but it died off, cause SLU has one big problem, its full of jack-asses who shoot themselves and everyone else in the this post...

Take a look att he folks who "like" or "agree" with what one of SLU's freequent posters have done.  Now take a look at all the folks who are "outraged" at what the JLU have done...yeah, its basically the same folks.

What Joshua done makes the JLU look like a kindergarden playpen in comparison, and ultimatley what Joshua has done is wash away ANY legitimacy, ANY credence, and ANY support that the SLU crusade against JLU had.

The JLU might be doing a lot of borderline grey area stuff, might be invading peoples privacy but at least they try and keep it locked behind a wiki, which ultimatley gets hacked every year.  However what they dont do is go onto a public internet forum and then spill as much private info about someone to the baying hoardes of sheep wanting blood cause the JLU thing has ran its course....double standards rule in SL Universe.

I've also cancelled my subscription to SLU, screw paying to subscribe to a forum where some nut job can call ya up in real life if he don't like ya.

As for the JLU, before Josh shot everyones foot with a double barrel shotgun, I was on the same line of thinking as Des Shang, opposed to what the JLU are doing, but not to the extent of bawling and shouting about it.  After what Josh pulled though and after seeing the FULL effect of what Prokofy Neva had coined the "SLU Sharia Court", i can't help but think if some, or all of those leaked wiki posts have been altered in some way, or tampered with.  I'm back on the fence on this, the JLU can basically do what they want, well, they do that anyway.  The point is the core of any hope of Linden Lab even doing a partial investigation into the Justice League has now dried up totally, its only a matter of time before someone send Rod Humble (CEO of LL) a link to that post Josh makes, and any credence or weight behind what the forum posters of SLU have made will mean absolutely nothing.

Monday, 26 September 2011

That Mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!

So, i was doddling around in Brunel Hall, my hotel in Academy of Industry, New babbage...and i decided to nip back to my own TARDIS to check on some textures I was using for the new garden in it to see if i could get away with using them for the garden in the hotel.  My TARDIS doors was open inside the hotel and i noticed two new folks pop into the radar, never seen their names before but they was obviously Dr Who fans cause they was busy roleplaying.  It seems they landed in my other rezzer in Port Babbage and had walked into Academy from Port.

One of them was obviously checking who made Brunel Hall cause they commented OOC how good the place looked and then they said...

"Damn...its that Mornington guy...that mornington is fuc**** everywhere!!!!!"

It kinda made me chuckle.

It is true though, a lot of the roleplay landing spots for Hands of Omega and a few for DCL is under my name, im builds I made or close to builds i made.  But i aint "everywhere".  Here's a list of the places i actually own, live in, or run...

Fullarton House in the Clockhaven region of New Babbage, my first home in New Babbage and my secondary TARDIS.  I'm rarley in the place though...

The Carriage House, my private home at the far side of the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, the carriage building part on the left is my photography studio.

Isambard Kingdom Brunel Hall Hotel, the hotel ive been runing for two years and has been featured in a few SL magazines...this is where your likley to find me most days.  Ya cant miss the place, its the largest building in the Academy of Industry region of New Babbage, and the largest building (by land area) in the city.

Mornington's Cabin, another little retreat/holiday home I have, this one is recent.  In the quiet sim of Steelhead St Helens.

Type 42 Scout TARDIS.  This one is my private home, my main place to go to if i want to get away from everyone to sort inventory...thats why im not mentioning the region...cause its private :p

The Doctor Who Exposition, im one of the co-owners but latley (since im on a break) im hardly ever there.

Zenobia Time Station.  My own build and my former home, sitting at 600m above Katrina its the base of operations for House Cerulean in the Hands of Omega roleplay.

Thats basically it.  Out of all those places listed above im usually found in or close to Brunel Hall since it is a running business.  It just happens that a lot of the roleplay destinations in the hands of omega catagory is under my name, but for actual builds I own or co-own thats about it :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Noobs and Sandboxes...

Ya know...even with me taking a break i still get about 5 to 10 messages a day from folks that dont know im taking a break.  Although it does make a change from the 20 to 30 messages a day i usually get.

Latley there have been more and more complaints in the old Sandbox caretakers group which is sorta wrapped around the Builders Brewery group.  It's an offshot group from BB where all the private sandbox owners (not the LL owned lagfest sandboxes), have chats now and again.  Over the past year there has been an increasing number of begging, badly attired, 12 to 15 year olds running around in private sandboxes proclaiming they are "The Doctor" and shooting the place up, or more to the general chagrin of the sandbox owners...rezzing numbers of consoles stacked ontop of each other or next to each other on the ground.

The vast majority of these consoles?  N.L.S

Some of the sandbox moderators and owners have been messaging me over the past few months more and more since a lot of them recognise my name from the SLU forums as "The Doctor Who Man".  They have started coining the term "Noobs Lagging Sandboxes" when it comes to all these obvious kids rezzing the cheapest console they can get a hold of in SL which has a teleport capability, which is of course NLS, but has one major problem, as an owner of a sandbox said to me today...their scripting is "fucking god awfull".

Sen from HoO has already something in the works to offset the problems of folks rezzing a number of consoles in a private owned sandbox.  However as I have seen first hand today in the Whitmyre Sandbox and the Fermi sandbox, there are a load of kids out there rezzing the "fucking god awfull" NLS consoles, and not just one the case of Fermi at about 4pm SLT today one noob had rezzed 4 of them...stacked.

There's nothing i can do about something like that, even in the early days of this year when it started to happen more and morw with not just NLS but HoO, there was really nothing that could be done.  I did send out notices in the Dr Who group especially directed at the HoO users and Sen has made comments in the TARDIS Owners group as well, over the past 4 months the amount of HoO stacked consoles from noobs have declined as they have moved to the unpoliced Linden Lab ran sandboxes which is where builds that big should be in the first place.

The NLS noobs though?  They dont care...much like the creators of said console system.

I gave the sandbox owners some simple advice when it comes to these noobs rezzing consoles.  Ban them...and ban the use of consoles in their sandbox, not just NLS, but ALL of them.  That way it will force these resource hogging kids to move to the already laggy Linden Lab sandboxes and if they run around shooting folks there, the bigger griefers will chew them up and spit them out in pieces.  Once good way to teach these kids a lesson.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

New Build!

One of the best things about taking a long break from the Dr Who side of things is it gives me a chance to build stuff.

Little Zaida from Steelhead was wanting to replace her old hotel (The Geoduck Inn...pronounced Gooeyduck for some reason) with a new contemporary build which would fit in more with the general theme of the Steelhead Boomtown sim.  So i came up with this...based off of classic turn of the 20th century old colonial mansions around the oregon area.

The upper halls have been loosley based off of the upper hall of Brunel Hall Hotel, my own hotel in New Babbage...

I'm starting to seriously consider going into the home building business, but limiting the stuff i build for the Victorian/steampunk sims.

Friday, 16 September 2011

Democracy in Second Life

Here we go..again...

Prokofy Neva likes to coin the term of "FIC", the Feted Inner Core of Second Life made up of the oldbie accounts, the folks who have been in Second Life from almost the start of the world opening up.  Latley Gwyn made a blog post dragging up the old dead horse of "Democracy in Second Life".

Prok made a reply beating it down...

...its the same old story.  The oldbies, or the "FIC" as Prok calls them trying to get SL ran like a democracy, where there is a core "parliament" like group of 50 or so avatars "voted" in to "represent" the core interests of residents in Second Life.

"Voted" in meaning that big businesses like Anshe Chung would get an automatic spot, big bloggers like Gywn would get an automatic spot.  Basically the entire "Democratic Assembly" would be a whole bunch of big names who are TOTALLY out of touch with the rest of Second Life.

Can you imagine a Gorean community leader being voted into this new assembly?  What about a furry community leader?  A BDSM community leader?  Maybe a leader from one of the Sci-Fi communities?

No...they wouldnt be, it would be full of "normal" people with "normal" interests who have "normal" opinions, who probably hate goreans, dont really like furries and cant stand BDSM'ers.

Flip the coin a bit though, imagine there was a group of 50 or so people "representing" the SL community.  Now, throw in 2 or 3 Gorean community leaders, ontop of that throw in one or two BDSM community leaders.  Now ontop of that mix, throw in one "normal" representative who beleived in "Womens rights in Second Life".  Now, grab the popcorn, sit back, and watch the bloodbath.

Second Life has changed from their early days of being in this world.  Maintenance Wednesday when the whole grid was closed for updated for 24 hours no longer happens.  About 80% of the Linden employees who worked at that lab when Gwyn was a nooby have gone, LL has been through two CEO's they are now on their third.  The simple fact is...

...Democracy in SL is a lie, it wont work, cant work, and never will work.

Now I like Gwyn, she has the kind of avatar look that makes ya wanna run up to her and give her a big hug, she just looks...nice.  But please, enough with the democracy crap already...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Is mesh breaking the grid?

Since the rollout of mesh, stuff has been breaking.

It started with Cheshyr Pontchartrain (owner of Novatech) mentioning a problem with rezzing objects from specific rez box Novatech's "Horizons" and...well...about 90% of the other systems out there.  Large builds, basically builds with many parts have been rezzing in such a way that peices of the build rez more than 10 sims away at a distance of over 10,000M and then...vanish.  They dont go into Lost and Found, they are just gone.  This bug affects sims and parcels that have "No Object Entry" on.

The next bug is one to do with updates.  Namley HUDS or items actually attached to your avatar that relys on a prim being rezzed close to you for updating the HUD or items, much like EmDash...well, thats broke as well.

Oskar Linden has stated that there is an "emergency meeting" going on in the lab at the present monet of writing this blog entry to figure things out, but im starting to see a house of cards scenario beging to appear here where server rollouts for Mesh is starting to break everything else.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Season 27 Console - Steampunk Style

Redone my main console in my TARDIS, based off of the lost Season 27 console of the classic series...

Monday, 12 September 2011

New study and lounge

I thought it was about time i gave my actual home in New Babbage an overhaul...

...the new study and living room :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Torchwood - Miracle Day

So, just watched the final episode of Torchwood Miracle day.

Theres a thing about Russel T Davies, dont get me wrong he's great cause he brought back Doctor Who and all that but does anyone get the feeling that Torchwood Ep 2 to 9 was nothing but pointless filler?

The first episode set up the series great, the final episode ended it...kinda great, but those episode in the middle...felt basically like a waste of time.  Which is the problem with Russel T Davies.  He is probably one of the best management people around, able to bring in the best of the best, able to command the staff and get them into the same direction, but when it comes to story telling he...lacks something.

The 10 episodes of Miracle Day should have been 5 episode, or maybe even just 4.  The builk of the series felt like nothing more than filler and the ending obviously sets things up for a possible future series of Torchwood.  If Russel T Davis bring it back...hopefully he brings in another lead writer, cause another 10 episode arc with the bulk of the episodes between 1 and 10 was quite frankly pointless.


Sodding Linden Lab.

So here I was reading the SLU boards, just chilling out haveing a browse around and i said to myself "Vic, you do a lot of stuff in sandboxes...maybe signing up for premium to use those nice quiet premium only sandboxes would be a good idea."

So I did, signed up for a quarterly subscription, im now premium.

Less than TWO F***ING HOURS later...the Lab announce this...

I'm not sodding eligible cause I signed up at 10:30am SLT.

Once again, Linden Lab shafting the unwary...and once again, im gonna cancel my premium membership, last time was due to shit support, this time im cancelling cause LL are just...shit.

Kat Kassner, heartless troll

Some of you may already know about the death of the typist behind the avatar of Leia Rajal who was active in almost all of the major Doctor Who communities.  Earlier on this week a memorial was put up to remember Leia by and folks came over to pay their respects for a long time member of the Dr Who community who will no longer be among us.

Well, almost everyone payed their respects...Kat Kassner however...didnt.  Several folks have told me about a conversation which went on between Krassner and Leia's inworld SL "Mother".  I never seen the chat logs because as everyone knows handing over chat logs is against LL tos, but basically it was Kassner saying that she has reported folks close to Leia for "Fraud" and basically thinks the death is fake...the worst part is she was trolling all this while actually AT the memorial.  The person she chewed out, Leia's SL "mother" had never been a part of the Dr Who community before, and this was her first taste of it.

Kat are scum.  It's as simple and as plain as that.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Will Rod dump free accounts?

I was chatting away with Tony in IM about the direction Linden Lab is taking with the new CEO Rod Humble, and it made me think.  Lets take a look at what hes done so far.

1: Pushed forward the "basic viewer" mode.  The mode where all build tools are hidden.
2: Extended the list of default signup avatars to over 200% of what they used to be.
3: Made premium memberships slightly more appealing with gifts, a new premium only sandbox and all that.
4: Said that at the end of this year there will be a massive initiative to "stop" greifers.

The only way he can truley stop greifers is to do one of the following things.

Either rig the freebie accounts so they cant build, script, or rez stuff in land they dont own AT ALL, or, get rid of freebie accounts altogether.  Now I've been thinking that Rod was moving down the line of getting rid of freebie accounts.  After a certain date to make a new account ya had to pay.  However as Tony said this would sorley screw up the economy so im thinking what Rod is eventually gonna do by the summer of next year is hobble freebie accounts to the point where they can only chat in-world, they wont be able to build, they wont be able to script, they wont be able to rez stuff in land they are not a group member of or dont own.  Think about what Rod has done so far...

"Basic Viewer Mode": It hides all the build stuff, infact it hides virtuall everything to the point where all ya can do is walk around and socialise.

Defaut Signup Avatars: The default signup avatars are now from a massive cross range of all types, sci-fi, human, furry.  Perfect for folks who want to sign in on a freebie account to just socialise but not spend money to built, script etc etc etc.

Premium Membership Perks: First it was Linden Homes (which a lot of premiums took up) now its a premium only sandbox and gift perks, enticing more folks over to the premium way of life.

Stopping Greifer: This was the telling one, he announced it in SLCC this year.  Stopping griefers will be a dang hard thing to do and the only way to truley stop the part time greifers is hobbling their right to rez items inworld with a new account...or getting rid of freebie accounts altogether...or hiring more staff at the lab to police the grid.

It looks like the end of this year and the beginning of next is going to be very, very interesting.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The JLU, willing to support a copybotter

 EDIT: After leaving a comment questioning the JLU for allowing old Archie and his lapdog wolfie to comment on the JLU's Krypton Radio site, their comments on the KR site was deleted.  For me this was my problem with the JLU, the whole data collecting/wiki thing that is going on is ultimatley up to Linden Lab and the JLU to discuss, but as we all know LL doesnt do a dang thing about copybotters in Second Life...that is up to the common residents to chase down, which is exactly what i did.

I'd like to thank the JLU for restoring some semblance of normality in an otherwise shady and torrid past when it comes to Archie and his lapdog wolf.


Yeah, more JLU madness again.

You remember our old friend Archangel?  Ya know, the guy who ripped off one of the Katrina sim daleks?  Well it seems old Archie is now going to bat FOR the Justice League, and guess what folks...he has the full support of one of the higher up members of the Justice League...the same Justice League who is supposed to weed out copybotters and greifers from the SL community they are supposed to "protect".

Later on the 300+ page thread i linked to a public blog post on archies blog where he is spilling his guts about him losing his home...etc etc...he made the post shortly after he was publically gutted and hung by the folks of the SLU forums for supporting the JLU without reading over 300 pages of proof that something was seriously wrong with the Justice League's direction...due to the incompetence and mismanagement of folks like GreenLantern Excelsior and Kal-El.

Old Archy boys post was public...for everyone to read, going on about his RL problems, tryin to get that old sympathy vote out, but the kicker is while Archie should be trying to get his life back on track he was STILL posting away in that massive SLU thread calling folks like Desmond Shang (owner of the Caldeon sims) me, Ann OToole, Elysium Hynes (big dr who fan and content creator) and a whole long list of other Second Life content creators and residents a bunch of liars.

So, good old GreenLantern Excelsior then goes to...wait for it...The AlphaVille Herald for an interview, and casts up the fact that i brought up Archies blog post (which was public for all to see) as some kind of thing that ya dont do cause it reveals person info...ummm...


Not only does GreenLantern Excelsior and the higher ups of the Justice League not care ONE BIT that they are now in bed with one of the best known content thieves in the Dr Who community, it seems that GLE is now welcoming old Archie support?!

So, the JLU now only report and try and ban greifers and copybotters...but ONLY if it DOES NOT interfere with their plan to get a foothold into a community.  Well, ive already banned GLE from Katrina (old arhie was banned a long time ago, cause he...well..a theif) I already sent a notecard about Archies dealings in the Dr Who community to KalEl, and GreenLantern Excelsior must already know about Archies past, but hey it looks like the Justice League Unlimited now SUPPORT copybotting scum in their rank and file fans.

As such, as far as I am concerned the door of this community is now slammed closed on GLE and the Justice League's higher up "command staff" for supporting copybotters within the Doctor Who community.

The landmass of Antiquity have already thrown out the JLU in disgust at that antics of collecting privare and personal data of selected residents (a lot of them not even greifers) within Second Life.  Desmond Shang (estimed guvnah of the 40+ caldeon sims) has spoken out against the JLU, and well known residents of SL have all spoken out against the JLU in the SLU forums.  GLE and Venkmann can add me to that list, and i will be keeping a close eye on the Dr Who Group and the lands under the temporal architects to make sure Venkmann and GLE get nowhere near close to a foothold in this community.

The problem does NOT lay with the entire Justice League.  I am friends with about 11 known members of the JLU and some well known Dr Who community folks who are neutral are in the JLU.  The problem with the JLU is down to two people, and two people alone....

GreenLantern Excelsior and KalEl Venkman...

...get rid of those two, reform the JLU council and put someone who isnt insane as its leader...and the JLU will be back to the group it should be...not the insane datamining communist based dictatorship it is now, where anyone different from them is logged in their wiki, anyone different from them is automatically classed as a greifer, and anyone who values SL privacy is labelled a "troublemaker".

Remember folks, its not just little old me speaking up about this, when big hitters like Caledons Desmond Shang speaks out...SOMETHING IS WRONG.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


Well i finally managed to get my hands on all 11 seasons (yup, it ran for 11 years) of the show so much i overhauled the bar in Brunel Hall slightly so its almost a replica of the bar from Cheers :)

The top part is different cause thats the part that was mostly out of shot but the bar itself and the layout of the stuff in the middle of the bar is as close as I can get it to the way it looked on the show during Season 1.

Fancy popping along to where you'll find me lazing around most days?  Clicky on the link....ohhhhh and regular parties in Muirsheen Durkin (thats the name of the bar) every Friday evening at 6pm SL Time.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Taking things too far...

No doubt some of ya have already heard about the heap of trouble that the JLU (Justice League Unlimited) have been in with first their network banlink system but now most recently their wiki on members of the Second Life community who come to their attention.

If ya dont know anything about this...

The link above is the summary thread, however the main thread about the JLU's data harvesting, data mining and so on is here...

All i can say is...


They call this "protecting the grid"?!  Collecting info on greifers is one thing...but contacting a dying mans sister to make sure this man in RL was dying because he was a greifer is just...sick.  Really...really sick.

It's not just total batshit insane lunatics like GreenLanternExcelsior who have done questionable things for the cause of "Justice" in the Justice League, several other well known names in the Doctor Who community itself who are part of the JLU have been documented in the leaked info from the JLU wiki as doing many, many questionable things...MANY questionable things.

If anything, this is going to make me more wary of the folks that I now know who are in the JLU, what they are doing in sims i admin in, why they are there, what they are doing there in the first place and what data they are mining while they are there.

Several folks have already left the JLU over this, i say the problem is not with JLU as a group, the problem is with their leader...get rid of him and let someone sane take the group over, then maybe they can get back to helping keep the sandboxes cleaner instead of gathering docs on people.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

No Regrets

August 2nd, 2008...i was 7 months in SL by that point.  The Doctor Who community was tiny compared to it was now.  There was only really three TARDIS producers around (snook, HoO, Novatech) and only two sims...the failing Land of Who, and the the two year old Katrina.

August 21st, 2011...three years in SL, Land of Who closed, now over 9 TARDIS making companies, 5 sims covering Doctor Who, a massive community and all this while Second Life remained at a fully stagnant growth rate.

At the end of 2009 when i was made a co-owner of the then Doctor Who Experience, the marketing strategy for the sim, and the community was non existant.  Fast forward to 2011, the Doctor Who community has outpaced the growth of the largest Star Trek groups consistently for the past 10 months, thats not just the main Doctor Who group, thats also including the groups tied to TARDIS and Who Island.  Marketing...thats what I do best, thats what I continued to do all the way through 2009 going into 2011.

Katrina was the first of the dr who sims to reach into the ignored teen areas of Second Life, it was the first of the dr who sims to reach out to the outside sites like DWO and with a lot of help from Oolon and Terry, Podshock.  It was the first of the sims to present a unified booth for the then early iteration of the IFT's Sci-Fi Convention of Second Life...and 2 years later, the last IFT Sci-Fi convention has MORE booths than Star Trek...i counted the final number, we had 11 booths...trek only had 10, one of them pulled out i think.

The marketing i put in place in early 2010 has ultimately payed off.  Involving outside sites and podcasts and inviting them to take a look at what Second Life is all about, it has worked...the size of the whovian community compared to what it was like even this time last year shows that fact.

It comes at a price sanity.

For more than a year i have basically been working in Second Life, every day more than 20 to 30 IM's, when i log in after 7 hours sleep i usually have a stack of over 18 notecards to read and answer.  All ranging from general stuff to do with Katrina, to the stuff to do with DCL, HoO and other console makers.  When a noob comes into SL from seeing one of my videos or seeing an advert ive placed, they automatically think i work for Katrina, HoO, Who Island, Novatech and all the other content producers all at the same time. 

Last weekend i had lazer surgery on both eyes to reverse the effect of the eye condition i suffer from, Fuchs Dystrophy...eventually, it will blind me, but for now they can halt the progression of it by Lazer surgery every two years.  I went in on Sunday morning, was out and in pain and half blind (after effects, its cleared up now) on Monday log into 28 notecards, and a bunch of capped messages...i then spent the next 4 to 5 hours answering them...when i went to bed that night after having to take morphine to kill off the after effect pain thats when i thought to myself...

"This isnt worth it anymore..."

..everyone else is reaping the benefits of the increased activity, the interviews i do (latest one with JLU) the marketing, the backdoor dealings i do with other sci-fi groups in SL for cross pollination of visitors, the forum posts (sooooooo many forum posts) the messages i send to folks in Twitter or Facebook inviting them into SL....everyone is benefiting...but im left doing all the work.

The podshock party that just finished will be my last major function for the DWE.  As from Sunday 21st of August i have all but quit as an owner of Katrina.  I will still be listed as an owner, owing to the fact that all the Dr Who content there and in the teen place was put down by me, but the heavy marketing which was taking up about 5 hours of each day i logged in, and then the constant stream of notecards and messages from folks thinking i work for HoO, DCL etc etc etc have made Second

Katrina as you all know it, will be changing...chaging to such an extent that none of you will recogise it.  Maybe once the new look Katrina appearsm, i might come back full time...might...

...until then, i will be spending my time in another community where i can relax, put my feet up and...have fun...and thats New Babbage.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

My god, its full of...

...trees...lots and lots of trees!

Above is a pic of the new log cabin i built.  It's now my little get away holiday home in Steelhead St Helens :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Good greif...

Ya dont really know the size of something until its sitting by itself...

With large prims buildable up to 64 x 64 x 64 on the mainland sandbox (its now mesh enabled) for engineers of new babbage i decided to rebuild all the walls and roof with the new buildable big prims in SL, this time they will be custom sized and not hacked up from SALT HUD megas.  Dang that hotel is big O.O

Tuesday, 2 August 2011



Saturday, 30 July 2011


Mesh is enabled in Katrina!

...and Kea has imported her Delorean!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin

The finished Irish bar in Brunel Hall Hotel!

Stupid + Stupid = Massive FUN!


During IFT i made a blog post about "the other lot".  The blog post got some copybotter called Archangel Mortenwold whining in his blog..

It is common knowledge that Archangel has 'held over' his company to a new person called Raife Resident.  I bumped into him a few times in IFT and he seemed to be a nice enough fella.  Although recently in the final IFT booth owners meeting held last week the same Raife suddenly turned into Archangel "I got caught copybotting and im butt-hurt about it" Mortenwold by spewing all sorts of garbage about 'off world blogs inciting drama'.

Today, someone mentioned to me that Archangel posted on his blog ranting and raving about how bad I am and included a screenshot which was taken from HIS computer desktop while HE was looking at the blog...remember, this is Archangel looking at the blog...and remember, according to Arch, this Raife fella is a totally seperate from Arch...who got caught copybotting...

My blog was opened up inside Archangels veiwer...or so you think...enlarge the picture, look at the top left, its not Arch's name...


So...Archangel makes an alt...called Raife...cause Arch got caught copybotting and his name is worth less than the moudly peice of chewing gum ya see trampled on the pavement.  Raife is Archangel's attempt at transferring whats left of his company to a "new person" who doesnt have the tag of copybotter over his head.

However...Archangel aint the brightest bulb in the pack and takes a snapshot from his computer looking at my blog on his viewer...while logged in as the new person who has nothing to do with Raife...

Stupid + Stupid = MASSIVE FUN!

Here's a link to Mr Copybots blog...ya can clearly see at the bottom it was posted by Arch The Copybotter himself and not Raife...although they are one in the same person...

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hands of Omega 5th Anniversary

All of this week the Hands of Omega 5th Anniversary celebrations was taking place in Thunder Cafe, Lewisonia, Katrina, Who Island and New Gallifrey.  With panels and parties it was a week long celebration of the oldest Dr Who producing company in Second Life and one of the oldest continously running Sci-Fi company in SL.

Treet.TV (the folks who hosted the Dr Who Panel in SL8B) also interviewed Sen Pixie about his company as well :)

Included is pictures from the wrap up party, held at The Doctor Who Expo sim.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

RFL Is Over

Well, not really "over" technically the fundraising doesn't stop this season until the end of August but the main Relay event finished last Sunday at 10am.

New Babbage (the RFL team i was in for the last two years) again scooped up a load of build awards which is to be expected cause their builds was...well..fantastic. 

As for the Dr Who Fans of SL, our first year went great, made a lot of friends and showed a lot of folks that the Dr Who community in SL is alive and vibrant.  The campsite was regularly staffed by folks from Who Island, Katrina and Lewisonia almost all the way through the 24 hour relay.

Next year...we're gonna go bigger...much...much bigger.

I'd like to thank everyone from the community who showed up to say hi, and to everyone who donated and attended our events.  In total Dr Who RFL raised just under 150,000LS which put us in Silver and more than half way up the team charts...

Looking forward to Relay For Life 2012!

Friday, 15 July 2011

When the going gets tough...

...trolls and drama stirrers run out of propaganda, they say they are "leaving" in order to gain sympathy from their most devout followers.  They then announce on their site a few days later that they are not leaving "in order to support the community" and they get praised as a champion of the community ...etc ....etc...

Seen it, read the t-shirt...watched countless trolls and drama merchants in the Star Trek gaming community pull that exact same stunt.  To give them their credit though, they did leave in the end, but it was a long drawn out process of leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back, leaving, then coming back until it got to the stage where people realized they was simply taking the mickey.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh and unlike Crassner who has comments switched off on her blog cause she cant handle the truth and people standing up to her, I leave comments switched on.  It actually does me a favor seeing all the TARDIS folks idiotic comments in this blog, its lets the other members of the community know to stay the hell away from you all.

Doctor Who fans of SL - The RFL Campsite

Nodster once more done amazing work with this scratch build for the Doctor Who fans of SL RFL campsite.

The site will be the base and meeting place for the Dr Who fans who will be running the track of the Relay for Life of Second Life event which will be kicking off with the Caregivers and Survivors honor lap at 10am this Saturday.  The team itself is comprised of folks from Who Island, Katrina, Lewisonia and New Gallifrey/Hands of Omega.

I'll be DJ'ing for an hour over T1 Radio, the official track event radio station at 6pm SLT on Saturday :)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

DWE and HoO @ IFT + More Drama

DWE and Hands Of Omega have once again taken part in the IFT Sci-Fi Convention, and this time around DWE is one of the sponsors of the event which helps out Relay For Life :)

On the subject of IFT...the perennial drama merchants of the TARDIS sim have stooped lower than ever before.  Using the American Cancer Societys RFL event to stir up drama, by firstly breaking one of their main rules...

The above picture shows them saying they will give 15% of all sales to RFL.  Nice gesture, apart from the fact that it is against RFL's cardinal rule that they do NOT support split payments.  All payments via a vendor should be done via an approved RFL vendor or donation kiosk.

Secondly...i've heard from folks that the TARDIS booth folks are saying they are part of the Doctor Who RFL team...they aint.

Co-Incidence that they say they are a member of the Dr Who RFL team which comprises of Katrina, HoO, Who Island, Lewisonia and New Gallifrey...and then they put up a sign which breaks one of RFL's cardinal rules?

Using a charity event to stir up low and pathetic the owners of TARDIS have become.  I have already informed MamaP the lead of RFL about the split sign and ive informed the heads of IFT about it as well.  Fact of the matter is there was an open call sent to folks in the main Doctor Who group 3 months ago about wanting folks to join the Dr Who RFL team.  TARDIS didnt even bother...yet now they are using a charity to stir up drama?

Yeah...all you supporters of that sim...feeling happy now?   Your generous leader is not only trying to close the Dr Who RFL team, they are using a cancer charity to stir up drama.

EDIT...The Rules in plain Black and White so you brainwashed folks from TARDIS can understand it...

...and once again Crass Kassner covers up the fact that SHE was caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama and pins the blame on me, then whines in the Timelords Drama and VIP group.

TARDIS booth was caught saying to folks that TARDIS was in the Dr Who RFL Team.  TARDIS got caught breaking the RFL rules to them make the Dr Who RFL team look bad.  TARDIS got caught using a cancer charity to stir up drama, and now you wanna run to the BBC?  Here's the number... you want the "General Contact" number.  Ask for Mr John Thompson, head of Marketing and Products, i think he's still there unless he's been promoted to another division...he can do with a good laugh from a nut job on a phone.  Ya see Crassner, ya might be able to brainwash the folks visiting TARDIS.  However the BBC staffers who do enter SL already know a lot about this community, and the fact the split in this community was caused by YOU.  So go ahead and phone them...i hope ya do.

Also, all you folks defending Kassner even though the rules are in black and white and there are NO exceptions to those rules (ive reported 8 individuals breaking the rules, not including kassner) just shows me that you have no care, or respect for any sort of charity organisation's rules and even less respect for what the American Cancer Society does in SL.