Saturday, 16 October 2010

Well...mesh import beta arrives...

Mesh import beta arrived on the aditi grid for SL this week.

For the past few days now most of the Katrina sim owners and over half the staff have been camped out at the mesh beta grid trying out their handy work.  This is the point where i thought to myself "and now it starts..."

Mesh importing is good in one way, it will make things "look" better within SL.  However it has numerous bad points, most of which i fit into.

1: That whizzy looking sculpted furniture you bought for a fortune is now outdated junk...go out and buy it all again...

2: That really nice sculpted clothing attachment which is a mathcing set with your clothes is now outdated junk....go out and buy that set again...

Brining in mesh to SL will be good to make it "look better" but it will leave a bitter taste in the mouth of a lot of content creators who simply cant afford the 4000USD price tag of 3dsmax, Maya or other high end modelling programs, and before everyone goes on about how Blender is "superior" let me tell you now, its not...its a pile of shit, the interface is useless, its got 20 billion keyboard shortcuts your supposed to remember and to be honest i would rather stab my eyes out with a rusty spoon then atrempt to use blender again.

I have spent a small fortune on good furniture over the last year, now im gonna have to spend it again :(

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  1. You're living in Babbage. Just think of sculpts as "retro". :-)